The Stillroom Migraine Relief Serum Roll-onHerbalist Formulated 2x infused anti-inflammatory OUR Organic farm fresh Calendula with Lavender, Peppermint and Botanicals that use the benefits of Aromatherapy to immediately relieve migraine, headache, tension, stress effects, inflammatory pain and soothe pain receptors naturally with the power of plants. The longer you have this botanical blend, the better it gets.. 


How to Use:

Shake + Roll onto temples in hair line -  so you don't rub it into your eyes later ... back of neck - inside wrists and forearms - + a little swipe under the nose - breathe deeply + let it kick in - at first sign of a migraine or headache to stop it in its tracks.  Keep from Eyes. 


It's WONDERFUL - Long lasting - Wildly Effective. . Migraine Relief Serum from The Stillroom Shoppe ... 


10 ml Roll-on applicator - Keep from eyes. 

Migraine Relief Serum Roll-on

  • Roll away Stress, Tension, Headache Relief in one roll-on applicator ~ 2x infused anti-inflammatory Calendula with Lavender, Peppermint and the purest botanical essential oils immediately relieve migraine, headache, tension, inflammatory pain and soothes pain receptors naturally with the power of botanicals. 

  • 10 mL