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Ashwagandha Benefits for Men: Fertility, Stress, and More. . This is a Adaptogen Herbal Formula for Men.  Adaptogens are extremely important tools in maintaining balance in the body.

Support for Adrenal burn-out.  Nutritionally combats the effects of the fight or flight, cortisol response with tradtional plant nutrition.


Herbalist Formulation with Wild Ginseng, Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Oatstraw, Ginger root, Alfalfa, Wild Nettle ++

Optiumum Outcomes > for prostrate support - 2 Dropperfuls 2X daily


1:2 Ratio Stillroom Compound Tincture  - 50ml glass dropper bottle


Male TONIC/Stress Herbal Compound Benefits: 


1. Alleviating Stress and Anxiety

2. The Sleep/Stress Cycle

3. Improving Physical Performance

4. Cardiac Endurance

5. Muscle Strength, Growth and Recovery

6. Fertility Boosting - Ashwagandha is great for boosting Testosterone levels -

7.  Prostate Cancer Prevention + Care - Studies have shown that the active ingredient, Withaferin-A, found in Ashwagandha can aid in the treatment of prostate cancer. Significant growth arrest in cancer cells was found in patients who used ashwagandha over those who did not. 

Source: A Perspective on Withania somnifera Modulating Antitumor Immunity in Targeting Prostate Cancer 


Influence of Panax ginseng on Alpha-Adrenergic Receptor of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia


Extracts are concentrated plant - FOOD tools - easy to use - are readily & quickly absorbed by the body & in the system working within minutes. 


Male Tonic - Stress Compound is best used daily consistantly for best stress management building results & cumulative benefits. 






Male TONIC/Stress Compound

  • Plant Remedy Support for stressed burned-out men.
    Plant Power Tools for Him. 

    It's an Extract -- EASY PEASY ... ABSORBED in minutes working hard.🌿🍃🌱
    Easy To Use: Shake + add 1 to 2 DropperFULLS  into a little water every a.m. & p.m. ADRENAL Support TONIC geared just for HIM. Wild Ginseng - Ashwagandha root ++++++ Absorbed Immediately + Working hard to support male reproductive & adrenal support.

    P.S. 💋 Ashwagandha Boosts Testosterone. Source: Boosts Muscle tone, function, recovery & building. source: * ... This is Herbalism. 

    This study reports that Ashwagandha root is associated with significant increases in muscle mass and strength and suggests that Ashwagandha is useful in conjunction with a resistance training program. 

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