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Stillroom Magnesium Mist ~ Non itchy non greasy & BEAUTIFUL ~ Buffered with Botanicals ... Magnesium is needed in hundreds of proper processes across the body. It’s essential for chemical reactions, restful uninterrupted sleep, the production and transport of energy, synthesis of protein, transmission of nerve signals, muscle function, DNA integrity, and more.


Magnesium chloride is what’s called a ‘magnesium salt’. It’s a natural compound of the mineral, magnesium, and the essential electrolyte, chloride. Optimum Magnesium is essential for calm nerves, self regulation of emotional responses & promoting the self ability to healthfully relax. 


One of the leading signs of magnesium deficiency is poor sleep quality and depression/anxiety. Topical application of Magnesium is also recommended as a natural tool to combat headaches & migraines. The human body doesn’t produce magnesium on its own.


Foods high in magnesium include almonds, bananas, black beans, broccoli, brown rice, cashews, flaxseed, dark green leafy vegetables , nuts, oatmeal, seeds (pumpkin, sesame, sunflowers), sweet corn, and whole grains. About 50% of the population is deficient in magnesium due to digestive mal-absorbency, inferior dietary habits and lack of Vitamin D which enhances magnesium absorption. 


A quickly improving remedy is to transdermally apply - absorb Magnesium - through our skin. Our skin absorbs everything we apply and applying naturally ocurring Magnesium increases serum levels of this valuable nurtrient almost immediately improving sleep, mood, muscle tone and body functions when applied daily.*  


* “This study was designed to test whether the transdermal application of a 31% magnesium chloride formulation could alter serum magnesium levels and whole-body calcium/magnesium ratios. Patients were screened using sophisticated hair analysis to determine pre-treatment levels of cellular magnesium and then again following the adopted protocol for product application. After 12 weeks’ treatment, 89% of subjects raised their cellular magnesium levels with an average increase of 59.7% recorded.” 


Effect of transdermal magnesium on serum and urinary magnesium levels in humans



How to use:

Spray Magnesium Mist onto skin on calves, thighs, abdomen or feet nightly & smooth over skin ~ 8 to 10 mists or so for an adult and less for children ages 3+ years in age.


Stillroom Magnesium Mist formula has been tempered / buffered  with raw plants to avoid the common irritating effect of itching/tingling that commercial Mg sprays often create - If you are extremely deficient in magnesium, some very slight tingling may occur this is normal and is a sign of very low magnesium & should disappear with regular use. 


Keep away from eyes and broken skin (don't apply directly after shaving) 

Suitable during pregnancy & breast feeding.

For EXTERNAL use. 



Organic plant hydrosols, Dead Sea sourced magnesium chloride salts, Organic Aloe vera 

Softly aromatic promoting relaxation & tension release


120 ml - Over 1500 mists per bottle 


100% plant & mineral ingredients ONLY 



Magnesium promotes relaxation and sound sleep.

But that doesn’t mean you can only take it at night.

In fact, magnesium is also essential for energy production at the cellular level.

Getting enough magnesium helps you to sleep when you need to and feel rested and relaxed during the day. Topical magnesium can be applied at any time of day.

Use it before a stressful day, after a workout (to replace magnesium lost by sweat), during the day when you feel tension, or before bed to keep muscles and nerves relaxed at night.




Magnesium Mist ~ Calming & Restorative Skin Spray

  • I like to say, ‘think of magnesium chloride like seawater’. It’s hard to have too much.. I don’t think you should sweat over the amount you use. If you’re getting good results – feeling more relaxed, getting relief from pain, and sleeping well – it’s working. 

    Magnesium is essential for the regulation of muscular contraction, blood pressure, insulin metabolism, cardiac excitability, vasomotor tone, nerve transmission and neuromuscular conduction 



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