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Stillroom Lemon & Honey Tea Syrup All you do is add HOT water, let cool and sip in the wonderful comfort. This multi-use herbal syrup is local raw honey infused with Lemon, and a kiss of Ginger root - for the use as a tea for ages 1+ year to adult for soothing the discomforts of cough, cold, influenza, breathing tightness, sore throat, excess mucus/congestion, stomach upset, vomiting/diarrhea associated with viral and or bacterial/microbial activity.  Lemon & Honey combined together is an ancient mucus thinning flu soothing hot beverage. It also happens to have anti inflammatory anti microbial, anti septic properties. 


It's a folkloric recipe a traditional 'lemon toddy' with no alcohol used to provide comfort and ease uncomfortable effects of viral or microbial activity causing distress. 


Results of numerous studies support the folklore that a hot tasty Lemon & Honey drink is a beneficial support for relief of most symptoms of common cold and flu and influenza. Honey suppresss coughing better than diphenhydramine (which is found in over-the-counter medications) That's why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends using honey to relieve a cough accompanied by a sore throat for adults and children at least one year of age and older. 



Local Peterborough County Raw Honey infused with Organic Lemon & a kiss of Organic Ginger for the use as a tea by adding a few tablespoons to a mug of boiling water - let cool a little and ENJOY. 


500 ml jar ~ Store in fridge - shelf life 1 year from purchase



Stillroom Lemon & Honey Tea Syrup is suited for ages 1+ year  to adult

Stillroom Lemon & Honey Tea Syrup is suited during pregnancy and breastfeeding.



Always seek medical attention if required or if discomforts worsen or improvement/relief is not found in a reasonable timeframe. 


Lemon & Honey Tea Syrup

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