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I.B.S. Relief Herbal Tea - Suited for all inflammatory bowel discomfortsInflammatory Bowel Syndrome - chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract - irritable bowel syndrome + diverticular dis-ease, crohn's dis-ease, ulcerative colitis -- providing support in a traditional plant formula wellness tea - Herbalist formulated with soothing anti inflammatory Yarrow, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Nettle leaf, Marshsmallow root, Slippery elm, Peppemint leaf, Fennel seed & Licorice root with a tiny kiss of Ceylon Cinnamon.

This tea formula soothes the bowels, intestines & mucous membranes, calms spasms, pain and bloating associated with acute IBS - returns bowel movement normalcy and supports healthy digestion processes.  IBS Relief Tea rebuilds restores soothes + eases inflammation of the mucosa of the entire digestive tract.


IBS Tea is best drank room temperature or cold for maximum outcomes toward inflammatory bowel complaints.


Drink 2 to 4 mugs daily  if in acute discomfort and 1 to 2 mugs per day for maintenence - and prevention of discomfort. This tea steeps with a slightly cloudy or opague appearance - this is normal. 


The Stillroom Shoppe Stainless 2 peice TEA INFUSER ~ Fits any size mason jar or mug for easy loose leaf tea infusing ~  




IBS Relief Herbal Tea

  • Antispasmodic, pain relieving, soothing, rebuilds calms & restores. Aids inflammatory bowel complaints - providing restoration, strengthening & soothing healing nutritive benefit whether constipation or correcting loose stool issues - very balancing to the entire digestive tract.   

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