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Yarrow Herb First Care is a wildcrafted multi-purpose Mist for First Aid Skin Care + disinfecting wounds, stopping bleeding of wounds, immediate pain relief, inflammation reduction + soothes bug bites or stings -  Yarrow also promotes speedy healing with minimal scarring.  It is a traditional effective remedy for varicose veins as well as many other uses. This is an external spray formula for skin application.  Yarrow is a traditional North American plant used for healing purposes & pain relief for centuries.  Internally as a tea or tincture + as a skin healing aid ~ Yarrow continues to be used as a go-to daily first aid tool in Europe to this day.  Sourced Locally & Our Farm. 


60 ml  Glass Spray Bottle

Ingredients: Wild Yarrow flower, Lavender flower, Plantain leaf, Calendula flower, Distilled water, Grain alcohol.


Yarrow (Achillea millefolium L.) is one of the most widely used medicinal plants in the world, primarily for wounds, digestive problems, respiratory infections, and skin conditions, and secondarily, among other uses, for liver disease and as a mild sedative. Preclinical studies indicate that it may have anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, hepatoprotective, anxiolytic, and perhaps antipathogenic activities.


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*Yarrow is not a sutiable herb to use for ingestion while nursing or pregnant. 


Using  over the counter pain meds increases emotional tendancies toward anxiety & depression according to Studies.  This is a safe traditional trusted option with only side benefits.  

Herb First Care Spray ~ Wildcrafted Yarrow flower

  • Wildcrafted Yarrow ~ Herb 1st Care Spray ~ 
    A topical natural plant pain killer in this quick + handy spray format that stops bleeding, disinfects cuts, reduces likelihood of infection of scapes, eases stings, insect bites, speeds healing, excellent for sunburn, accidental cooking burns, rashes, dermatitis, eczema, poison ivy, poison oak + an effective remedy for vein issues ... Excellent First Aid Care. 

    . . Greek Trojan War hero, Achilles, is best known for his weakness (his heels) - he should be most renowned for his use of Yarrow, which he applied topically to his troops’ wounds during the siege of Troy. Achilles medicinal knowledge of yarrow actually came from his mentor, the mythological centaur Chiron. Achilles gets a nod to his role in Yarrow’s history via the plant’s botanical name (Achillea millefolium or Achilles’ Thousand-Leaved plant). Due to the application of Yarrow on the battlefields, it was commonly referred to as Herba Militaris (the military herb) in classical times.
    Some say early colonists introduced Yarrow into North America while others ascribe that it is a plant native to North America---- given that the plant’s use is so deeply embedded in First Nation medicinal use---- I see that First Nations knew full well the medicinal properties of Yarrow as it was already here and used it to remedy a large number of external and internal ailments including wounds, burns, toothaches, arthritis, digestion and sore throats, just to name a few Yarrow Benefits.

    The estimation of the traditionally used yarrow (Achillea millefolium L. Asteraceae) oil extracts with anti-inflamatory potential in topical application

    Furthermore, it is noted that yarrow leaf extract increases fibroblasts, which are the cells responsible for regenerating connective tissue and helping your body recover from injury -

    The effect of Achillea millefolium and Hypericum perforatum ointments on episiotomy wound healing-

    Yarrow flower relieves skin itchiness, speeds skin healing, reduces scarring, calms skin inflammation and generally acts as a disinfectant for skin -

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