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Friar's Balsam from The Stillroom - An Ancient Plant Resin Compound of Exotic Respiratory Tree Saps + Resins. Popular since the Victorian age but not so readily available any longer.  Tincture Benzoini Composita is still listed in the British Pharmacopoeia of 1867 ...


Friar's Balsam is a Stillroom Compounded old time Apothecary Compound - for External Use.  An original formula dates back to 1760 but this compound in fact goes way back to the Egyptian, Roman and Greek Eras of human helath with plants.


Extracts of Friars Balsam, act as a decongestant for the relief of cold symptoms. It also has antiseptic properties. A steam inhalation of Friar’s Balsam was recommended to thin bronchial mucus and relieve sudden asthma suffering.

It is a plant based remedy still listed in the pharmacopoeia as an effective inhalant for coughs and colds.  Friar’s Balsam is a compound Tincture- an antiseptic and stimulating expectorant.
In North Africa women burn Benzoin and Storax in broken pottery to access the divinity and for mystical purposes. Raising Vibrations. 

At one time every home had a bottle of Friar’s Balsam in bathroom cabinets and medicine cupboards. It is was also commonly used as an antiseptic on small injuries such as cuts and abrasions.


Through its true 600 year history, Friar’s Balsam has been known by such names as Balsamum Traumaticum, Balsamic Tincture, Jesuits’ Drops and Jerusalem Drops.


50ml Amber Glass Dropper Bottle 


How to Use Stillroom Friar's Balsam Compound


Steam Inhalant:  Adults: Mix 2 Droppersful of Friar's Balsam into 1.5 to 2 cups of hot, steaming (just off boiling) water in a jug or glass/stainless bowl, Have a large towel handy to tent over bowl and head to breathe the decongesting plants vapors carried in the steam - Breathe deeply & relaxed for 10 minutes or so.  Rewarm your simmering bowl to repeat if desired. 


Friar's Balsam can also be gently simmered with water over low heat also in the home for improved respiratory air quality during closed in months or during times of fighting illness & to relieve chest / respiratory congestion & strengthen the antiviral defense of all in the home. Bring 1.5 to 2 cups of water to a boil turn down to low - add 2 dropperfuls of Friar's Balsam to simmering water *** 

Note: Never leave your stove unattended. 


*** Suited for ambient steam vaporizing/simmering use in the home - For those 3 months in age and older to Adult. Not suited for ambient infusing or steam vaporizing for Children under 3 months in age.  FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.  Keep from Children. Not to be ingested. 



Friars Balsam - Compound - External Use ONLY

  • My Gram was on to something of course. Her British family history involved Herbalism + Her #1 remedy for a cold + chest congestion- was to cover heads with towels -- An old school Herbalism steam-inhalation -- all snifflers were ushered, as soon as possible + set to inhale the vapors from a steaming jug of hot water and Friar’s Balsam- the tree resin vapours of which is inhaled to relieve bronchitis, chest congestion, asthma & improve Immunity against viruses..
    Gram also had it simmering on the stove as soon as the temps changed in the Fall - it would be gently simmering on and off all day 🍁🍂 💨
    Friar's Balsam is Vanilla-like with comforting undertones of Balsam - It's one of my first aromatic memories of home + childhood . . .My Grandmother was olfactory seed planting it seems. I literally grew up in her backyard garden.  

    This information regarding Friar's Balsam & all items offered on this site -  Is not intended to diagnose advise or prescribe & is a historical educational information gathering of material. 



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