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The Stillroom Shoppe offers Beautiful Pure Ethically Harvested Frankincense Resin Tears - Boswellia carterii ~ 24g - A 30 Day Supply Kit + Directions for Brewing Frankincense Water/Infusion for daily for Adult consumption. 


An Ancient Remedy for Improved Wellbeing ~ Studied Researched + Proven to Offer Immunity Benefit.  This is an easy to brew & drink format.


"The research to date is on the Frankincense resin from a tree, not on the essential oil. Essential oils should not be used in place of other cancer treatments. People may, wish however, to use Frankincense Resin infusions as a supplement to medical treatment or to reduce the symptoms of chemotherapy."


🍃🌲🌿 Boswellia or Frankincense Carterii is one of the most well-known and well-used types of Frankincense in the world. Its intoxicatingly smooth, and relaxing aroma makes it a favorite resin, and its traditional medicinal uses are well recorded.

Used extensively for hundreds of years in the Indian healing tradition of Ayurveda, Boswellia Caterii is considered a NSAID (or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug), causing little to no side effects or irritation compared to steroidal drugs. It is used to treat arthritis, Osteoarthritis, inflammation of joints, bronchial asthma and recentlyFrankincense Carterii Resin has shown promise treating ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, tumors and to cause apoptosis in cancer cells. Boswellia Carterii is also used in Ayurveda to treat diseases of the mouth, chronic skin lesions and ulcers, wounds, piles, diarrhea, jaundice and other hepatic disorders.

It has been used a s a natural chewing gum* source since time Immoral.. 
Boswellia carterii is widely used as a high-end chewing gum for oral care, peptic ulcers, and is considered antiseptic and anti-inflammatory for both the gastrointestinal and the urinary tract. It is believed that the body benefits from these therapeutic actions through chewing the raw resin.*

Many of the therapeutic properties are attributed to its Boswellic acid compound content. It has a deep, rich, grounding aroma & flavor that touts the ability to quiet the mind, support focus, and encourage tranquility. 💞


Frankincense Carterii is used extensively as an incense and incense ingredient in rituals and ceremonies. It's distilled essential oil has a warm amber-like spicy fragrance that acts as a heart to heart base note.


Frankincense, when burned as incense, cleanses a space and creates a sense of sacredness. Frankincense is ruled by the Sun from an astrological point of view, is calming to mind and heart, helps raise one's spirits, and generates heightened feelings of spiritual contentedness and well-being.

Raw resin incense is burned by placing small, pea sized pieces, or a small scoop of powdered resins on a smoldering charcoal puck. (I actually burn it directly on a heatproof glass mason jar lid!  ... The heated oleoresin melts and burns, releasing its essential oils first, (the oleo part), then the resins which require a higher temperature follow suit, producing aromatic smoke with a fragrance unique to each specific oleoresin.


*Frankincense natural resin as chewing gum is not suitable for children or during pregnancy/nursing.




Frankincense – therapeutic properties - Link:


Frankincense derived heavy terpene cocktail boosting breast cancer cell (MDA-MB-231) death in vitro Link: >


Research Papers:
Immunomodulatory triterpenoids from the oleogum Resin of Boswellia carterii-

Link: >…

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Frankincense Resin Tears - Boswellia Carterii

  • Frankincense Resin ✨ Water ✨ HAS the Science behind it. THIS is a Herbal infusion that has been studied & verified via research + continues to be utilized as a Defence toward cytotoxicity / cancer cell death without harming surrounding healthy cell life. 
    ✨✨Frankincense Resin WATER✨✨

    30 Day supply 20g ~Easy To Brew~  .. Steep It Like A Tea - This is basically what Frankincense Water IS - A Wellness Tea - A Plant Infusion.  A Plant Medicine. 



    More Reading - Frankincense Water: Benefits the gut, brain, joints +++ 
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    📜Pharaohs and the first prescriptions::

    📜Ancient Egyptian Medicine::

    📜Ebers Papyrus::

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