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This is the Original - Traditional Rene Caisse - Canadian Red Cross Registered Nurse Formula ---- Who operated a Health Clinic in Bracebridge ON Canada in the 1920's to 1930's  SUCCESSFULLY supporting thousands + thousands of people who traveled from all corners of North America to access this blended Ontario Herbal Tea or Infusion.  

This recipe is true to the original used by Rene Caisse R.N. 

I've been formulating it for over 30 years in a 30 day kit for ease of use & brewing.


This is a part of Canada's 'health care' history that is never discussed although in mainstream media except for this occasion - 🇨🇦️ Homemakers Magazine 1977


The original 1977 Homemakers’ Magazine Article – ‘Could Essiac Halt Cancer? 

Link: >


Rene Caisse ... Was an RN from Ontario who was gifted with the recipe of a Ontario First Nation Remedy - Herb tea recipe - she named Essiac Tea ... At one time this health rebel + pioneer Registered Nurse ran a clinic in Bracebridge Ontario ~~ based on this tea as the care plan ~~ She treated cancer patients with this herbal remedy... 
I've been formating Essiac Tea absolutely TRUE to Rene's original recipe for over 30 years .. 🌿 ... Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel Leaf & Root, Slippery Elm Root & Indian Rhubarb Root ....  Some folks use it as a 'c' treatment + some use it 2x a year as a preventative or tonic formula.

How ever your pour this tea - it's back story is fascinating + Rene is truly a forgotten Ontario icon for the help she brought to her rural clinic in the 1920's + 1930's where she obtained remarkable results consistently.


📜Essiac: The Secret Life of a Document




📖I  I Was Canada's Cancer Nurse - The Story of ESSIAC

by Rene M. Caisse, R.N. - Link: >



📜 The History of Essiac and Nurse Caisse



Essiac: Nature’s Answer for Cancer

📖 Link:> An Interview with Dr Gary Glum by Elisabeth Robinson -


More info: Video Link: 

Essiac Tea - Rene Caisse Original Recipe

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