Calm & Restful Relax Tincture ~ Safe Plant Apothecaries for Relaxing a fretful state of mind - Quickly Calming the Mind  ALL Day ~ Lifting Anxiety + Depression ... ~Calm + Restful  Tincture~ is a plant tool that makes it easy to fall in love with Traditional Apothecaries.  These Botanicals are used as needed during the day to alleviate overwhelming feelings of anxiousness, an overburdened mind and to just calm the world down. 

Being Herbalist Formulated with our farmed Organic Lemon Balm, Nettle, Lavender alongside Passion Flower, Hops, Chamonile Flower, Skullcap & Oatstraw this is a formula for relaxing the mind and soothing the soul. 

Calm & Restful Relax Tincture is a traditional dependable support for improving the quality soundness & duration of sleep patterns.  Relaxing the Body & Mind  IS what these plants provide and are synergystically combined to drive anxiousness & quiet an overburdened over-active mind like a massive hug. 


An old school Herbalist formula that has been used for at least 600 years for safe effective mood mind & body support to induce relaxation and ease. 


Calm & Restful Tincture is taken as needed ~ Shake Well - 1-2 dropperfuls in a little water - up to 6x daily. Adult Use Only

50 ml Amber Glass Dropper Bottle - Store out of Light 


Sweet Sleep Tea & Midnight Rose Bud Tea & SleepyTime Rub PLUS Tension Tamer Salve are more plant tools formulated to support the relax response & restful full sleep. 



*** Sources:

Study Shows Chamomile Capsules Ease Anxiety Symptoms:


Lavender Reduces Signs of Anxiety in WomenResearch shows that Lavender is just as effective as Xanax, Valium, or Prozac for signs of anxiety in women and men:


American Skullcap Effects on Mood - Study: Skullcap significantly enhanced global mood without a reduction in energy or cognition:


Passionflower in the treatment of generalized anxiety: --- Passiflora extract is an effective Herb for the management of generalized anxiety disorder, and the low incidence of impairment of job performance with Passiflora extract compared to oxazepam is an advantage:



For extreme depression symptoms of acute nature please contact your doctor for professional attention. 














Calm & Restful~Relax Tincture