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Wildcrafted Botanicals have their power harnessed here~ This healing soothing mist relieves painful inflamed skin rashes rapidly as soon as applied - Yarrow Mullein Healing Skin Mist calms pain + skin inflammation FAST, removes heat, anti-itch - Antifungal & Anti bacterial - Herbalist 2X infused formula is Extremely Antifungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-scar - repairative + speeds healing of broken open skin + improves a hot mess with speed - think diaper rash candida or teething nappy rashes .. 

👶 🔥 #BabySafe  IMMEDIATE Relief  


From Our Farm Forests & Fields .. Yarrow Flower,  Mullein Flower,  Lavender floret,  Our Farmed Calendula Flower, Wild harvested Plantain Leaf plus gentle  ancient florals that soothe & restore skin pH speeding healing of broken troubled skin issues.  This formula breaks any candia or fungal issue specifically in lieu of steroidial prescribed damaging 'creams'. 


Gentle florals for sensitive troubled inflamed skin.  These are wildcrafted plant ingredients picked at peak & they're true repairative powers harnessed in a Beautiful dependable skin body & mind loving formula. 


Diaper Rash, Psoriasis, Eczema, Heat Rash, Hives & Aids slow healing wounds and troubled skin plant powerfully.

2X Infused Herbalist Formula~ 100% Botanical with our Farmed Yarrow & Lavender Flowers Calendula + + more soothing Wild herbals. 


120 ml bottle spray mist - well over 1500 mists per glass bottle

Ingredients: Wild Yarrow flower, Mullein flower, Lavender floret, Our Farmed Calendula flower, Wild harvested Plantain Leaf, Distilled water, Alcohol.

First do skin test patch application if your skin is highly sensitive


Traditionally used yarrow (Achillea millefolium L. Asteraceae) oil extracts with anti-inflamatory potential in topical application -  "Yarrow extracts have been extensively used against inflammatory disorders and skin wound healing in traditional medicine.  The data obtained in the study showed that the oil Yarrow extracts had an evident anti-inflammatory property. Namely, the investigated extracts demonstrated significant anti-inflammatory effect."



Mullein Flower in Care of Skin - Biological activity of common Mullein, a medicinal plant:

  • Has strong anti-inflammatory properties – ideal for treating skin rashes and sensitive skin
  • Used topically to soften and protect skin – calming effect on the skin
  • Used to treat wounds and relieve pain



Yarrow Mullein Healing Skin Mist~ Wildcrafted

  • Deep in their roots all flowers keep the light. 
    ~Theodore Roethke

    Wildcrafted Mullein flowers + Lavender + Plantain + Calendula plus more flower power that instanly relieves open sore irritated skin rashes FAST. 

    This Apothecary strength Herbalist formulation  - Traditionally Infused~ has massive restoration values as soon as applied to painful open skin rashes, burns and dissolves fungal activity on contact.   


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    Please see formal Disclaimer. 

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