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A Triple Infused Traditional Herbalist Formula Arnica Deep Muscle Rub ~  A topical anti inflammatory ointment - provides almost immediate pain relief - ancient flower medicine in a jar. Florals for speedy relief of bruises, deep muscle + tendon + joint pain, deep aching pain or persistantly recurring pain from over worked tired muscles, old injury sites - tendonitis, bursitis + fast arthritic pain support & growing pains in childrens shins-legs & relief for plantar fasciitis.    Arnica Montana flowers - organically grown on our farm..  Arnica has been used for centuries to assist support, restore balance to areas of pain & inflammation - Arnica is known to reduce deep aching pain.  


*Apply only to unbroken skin - not open cuts.  This formula also contains Locally wildcrafted Yarrow flowers , Yarrow is a fast pain relieving herb with excellent anti-inflammatory attributes. 

This is a tradtional use of local wild herbals to quickly disperse heat and inflammation to make way for the body's own healing/repair response.  


This is a  FAVORITE Stillroom Shoppe Topical Pain Reliever ~ Benefits are noticed within the first application & with consistant use provides support in the form of anti-inflammatory action to permit the body to heal the source of the root trouble.  This Herbalist formulation provides maximum outcomes dependably because it has been specifically formulated for deep pain relief, heat dispersing -restorative anti-inflaming action traditional plants.  


Arnica LOVES to be warm once applied ~ before bed is an incredible way to encourage faster healing & long lasting accumulative benefits. 


120 ml glass jar - NEW larger jar


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Research on Arnica as Traditional Pain Relief: Clinical Trials, Potential Mechanisms, and Adverse Effects ofArnica as an Adjunct Medication for Pain Management -


Antispasmodic Effects of Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium L.)


Yarrow Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties - The estimation of the traditionally used yarrow (Achillea millefolium L. Asteraceae) oil extracts with anti-inflamatory potential in topical application - 

Arnica Deep Muscle Rub

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