Anti-anxiety Herbal Tea is formulated with traditional botanicals that soothe tension, reduce stress related anxiety, calms & nourishes.  With Egyptian Chamomile, Nettles, Skullcap, Lavender + +  it is brings instant gratification.  Creates a mental atmosphere of a more peaceful stance. .  Created with organic Premium White Tea for it's powerful antioxidant plant phenol benefits but more importantly it's beautifully smooth notes of cream aromatics. . 

Herbal teas are absorbed in minutes performing as therapeutic foods for us- 

2 to 4 mugs per day works nicely -  You will have 2 steeps per mug serving of Stillroom Shoppe Teas ... 

The medicinal powers of plants in your mug. Anti anxiety Tea A melody of mind easing tension taming shoulder dropping botanicals. Loose Leaf Teas are absorbed within minutes not hours - working hard for us providing a food source of therapeutic benefits.

Put the kettle on.  Get steeping and start feeling better. 2 to 4 mugs - 2 steeps per mug serving will have you adjusted much better to the day and have anxiety be dismissed replaced with calm. ... Wild local ingredients of Nettle Oatstraw Our Farmed Lavender +++++ more ....




See More Info on Cognitive Benefits of Herbal Teas: 

Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices: The Past, the Present, the Future:
Research on the effects of herbs and spices on mental health distinguishes between cognitive decline associated with ageing and the acute effects of psychological and cognitive function. There is level I and II evidence for the effect of herbals/herbs/plants on psychological and cognitive function

Anti AnxietyTea

  • This White Tea blend is smooth & a blend of Chamomile, Lavender, Wild Ginseng, Nettles, Red Raspberry leaf & other tension easing botanicals.  

  • 100 grams