Anti-anxiety Herbal Tea is formulated with traditional botanicals that soothe tension, reduce stress related anxiety, calms & nourishes.  With Egyptian Chamomile, Nettles, Skullcap, Lavender + +  it is brings instant gratification.  Creates a mental atmosphere of a more peaceful stance. .  Created with organic Premium White Tea for it's powerful antioxidant plant phenol benefits but more importantly it's beautifully smooth notes of cream aromatics. . 

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Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices: The Past, the Present, the Future:
Research on the effects of herbs and spices on mental health distinguishes between cognitive decline associated with ageing and the acute effects of psychological and cognitive function. There is level I and II evidence for the effect of herbals/herbs/plants on psychological and cognitive function

Traditional Anti~Anxiety Herbal Tea

  • This White Tea blend is smooth & a blend of Chamomile, Lavender, Wild Ginseng, Nettles, Red Raspberry leaf & other tension easing botanicals.  

  • 80 g