~All Calm~  Herbalist Formulated - This Aromatic Botanical Blend Ever so Quickly & Enjoyably Restores Focus Attention & Calms thought processes via the plant power of infused Botanicals & Pure Plant Essential oils - 2X infused Herbalist Formula for fast & long lasting benefits.. - This formula assists with quickly easing feelings of overwhelming thought filled anxiety while calming nerves that are overburdened both mind-wise & emotionally.  That`s Aromatherapy. 

Benefits delivered within seconds and last hours..


Ready to use roll-on Aromatherapy immediate benefits formulated for Adult use - - Simply Shake & apply  All Calm  to back of  the neck, inside forearms, behind ears, a tap under the nose & tuck away till you need an aromomatic powered break later in the day. 


Easy Peasy Mind Care with Aromatherapy = Ancient Trusted Results. .  Just Breathe. 


~All Calm~ Childrens' Version is also available : https://www.stonehouseholistics.com/product-page/all-calm-childrens-formula-roll-on-aromatherapy



ADHD & Vetiver grass 🌾🌾 (Vetiveria Zizanoides) 💚https://www.facebook.com/stonehouseholistics/posts/1055217374579919


Lavender and the Nervous System:





All Calm - Aromatherapy - Roll-on ~ Adult Formula

  • All Calm Aromatherapy Blend is for topical use in a handy 10 ml stainless roll-on applicator + quickly promotes feelings of relaxation and calm emotions via the power of plant essential oils to feel Steady & Grounded.

    Less monkey-mind or thinking  - More structured Attentive Creative Thought Processes. 


    Infused with Botanicals & Plant Essential Oils this is a fast acting lovely skin application of Aromatherapy.  Organic Hemp seed oil & Grapseed oil carry plant remedy quickly & deeply through skin absorption + Essential Fatty Acids which provide further  Mindfull assistance.  


    ADHD & Vetiver or Vetiver grass ðŸŒ¾ðŸŒ¾ (Vetiveria Zizanoides) ðŸ’š 
    The grounding central nervous & brain essential oil. Turns out Vetiver used by means of inhalation has dramatic beneficial impacts on those with ADHD symptoms. Vetiver is known as a nervine, sedative, tonic and vulnerary plant substance. It's aromatics Improve focus, attention, duration of uninterrupted attention, level of contentedness, calmness & improves outcomes in daily living. Aromatherapy. Plants and simple breathing. What is not to love here? None of an adult's or child's creativity, imagination or energy or sleep is harmfully bothered by Vetiver Aromatherapy practice either ~ just promoted to blossom without the static ðŸƒðŸ’šðŸŒ¿


    Vetiver aromatics are superb for increasing mindfulness. This grass has a very pleasant, mild, earthy, and grounding aroma which has a cooling effect on the body and the mind. Effects are long lasting & accumulative. Safe & Sound plant remedies from Mother Nature. Virginia Cedarwood came in at a close second if Vetiver oil is not suitable, but Vetiver clearly provided the best benefits.


    Vetivert & The Mind :