Bringing Back Beautiful Skin for Him & Her .. Your regular razor + THIS Mason jar of Beautiful Skin Food that offers a PLANTASTIC shaving experience- Aromatics are RICH Woodsy + Soft Aromatics of Eastern Spice.. ~It's a Unisex, Goat Milk & Honey ~ Oatmeal  ...

AWESOME WILDLY Lathering shave soap. Jar lasts 8 to 12 months. 

No straight razor required & no chemical fake shave foam wanted.  For Him & Her .. Ye Olde Wet Shave is a RICH lathering oldschool format that will make you forget commercial shave foams.. You use your regular favorite razor with this skin feeding herbal shave. Woodsy Fresh Clean Ye Olde Wet Shave formula with close shave benefits leaving skin smooth & soft - Zero Skin Irritation 

It's The BEST your skin has ever felt after shaving.


Containing Dragons Blood Tree Resin for it's skin loving attributes - Tightens pores, fades scarring & highly nutritive.. Anti-inflammatory pH balancning. Closest shave Ever  Organic Oatmeal, Amber Honey, Goat Milk.. Patchouli .. Sandalwood + Eastern Spices ~  Earthy Decadent Aromatics ~ You'll never go back to cans of shave foam again.. 


You'll never go back to commercial canned shave foam again + A little goes a VERY long Lathery way.  Real Ingredients = A Long Lasting Formula - 8 -12 months with daily shaving... For Him / Her ..


~Ye Olde Wet Shave~  + Natural Shave Brush Included is Herbalist Formulated for Decadent RICH Foaming Lather  ... Organic Goat Milk -  Ye Olde Wet Shave with Oatmeal,  Amber Local Honey,  Skin-LOVING Dragons Blood Tree Resin . . . Woodsy Exotic Fresh.

Includes Natural Bristle Shave Brush.  Use Your Regular Razor for the smoothest best shave anywhere EVER. 


Leaves skin wildly smooth, soft - zero irritation.  Nothing un-natural about this. 


~Ye Olde Wet Shave & Natural Shave Brush~ for He r♀️or Him ♂️.. Woodsy. Fresh. Clean. Wholesome🌿A wildly smooth shave ~ Use your regular razor - a 125ml jar lasts 8 to 12 months 

~You'll LOVE how your skin feels - No burn, no bumps, no rash - just baby smooth skin + closest shave EVER. 

Just Pure Skin Food Here - Turn Over A New Leaf at The Stillroom Shoppe - Herbalist Formulations for Mind & Body For Everyone Since 1995.. 




Women put an Average of 168 Chemicals on Their Bodies Every Day:


What's Dragon's Blood Resin? 


Info on Dragons Tree Resin for Skin:

Ye Olde Wet Shave + Natural Bristle Shave Brush