Wildcrafted Ontario Nettle Seed Tincture/Extract ~ (Urtica dioica) ~ For Adrenal Burnout - Deep Adrenal Depletion +  Rapid Whole Body Restoration.   This is Canada's Adrenal Restoration Herb with greater effective than Ashwagandha Root by a long shot 😊  ~This is a 21st Century plant that's been well known to Herbalists for at least 800 years for it's Effective + Speedy Restoration Benefits to the Mind & Body. 🇨🇦️


Stinging Nettle Seed has a remarkable ability to rebuild and restore the whole body 💪  Nettles are intensely nutritive, being dense with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.. Regular daily use increased physical energy, mental stamina, joint pain relief, muscle strength, improved muscle mass, urinary tonic, respiration tonic, reduction in damaging cortisol production, improved metobolic function + a plethora of plant powered & proven benefits. 


Wild Harvested Traditional Nettle Seed Tincture/Extract ~ 

~It is green food that your body recognizes and can help build blood, tissue and self empowerment.

For Relief Restoration & Recovery from extreme burn-out & exhaustion.  The endocrine glands are nourished by this herb as well. 
This is plant based powerful ancient Adrenal Support ... Kidney Tonic ... & Offers stress response recovery & rebuilding with very quick results. Nettle seed Tincture provides massive plant vitamins & minerals - it's VERY high in iron & protein.


~Locally hand wild harvested ~ Premium Organic Formula with certified Organic plant ingredients. 


'Useful for chronic exhaustion, adrenal fatigue and burnout, Nettle seeds have also been used to aid kidney function in both people and animals with degenerative conditions.  David Winston writes here, Nettle Seed can be used as a kidney trophorestorative – literally a food for the kidneys.


A recent study published in the Journal of The American Herbalist Guild [4(2):22-25] clinical experiences showing that Nettle Seed increases kidney glomerular function and reduces serum creatinine levels. Many Herbalists have seen significant benefits from using Nettle Seed Tincture in patients with glomerulonephritis, chronic nephritis with degeneration, and to protect the kidneys from nephrotoxic medications.’

~  The Earthwise Herbal, A Complete Guide to Old World Medicinal Plants By Matthew Wood


“Nettle leaf & seed shows promise for improving metabolic syndrome, the cluster of risk factors (including hypertension, high blood sugar, and cholesterol abnormalities) that is strongly associated with heart disease and diabetes.  Research shows that Nettle leaf has antihypertensive, antihyperlipidemic, and antidiabetic properties.  Nettle leaf might be useful for improving type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.”


“Discussing the chemical constituents of Nettle, E.E. Shook in Advanced Treatise in Herbology writes that ‘it is fairly well known that iron phosphate (organic) is nature’s quickest and best remedy for all inflammation, that potassium phosphate is the basic food for the brain and nerves, and that potassium chloride is nature’s masterpiece solvent of fibrin.’” 

~ Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism By Donald Yance


“Nettle is good for weakness in muscles of the inner thighs in middle-aged women.  In some menopausal women, the pelvic attachments loosen up, the pelvis expands, and these muscles get weak.  Nettle would make an ideal strengthening tonic during pregnancy, menopause and PMS syndrome for toning the pelvic  muscles needed for optimum quality of long life to prevent 'challenges associated with advanced age 'organ fall'.

~ David Hoffmann

This information is not intended to diagnose advise or prescribe & is intended for Herbal health information purposes.   


50 ml Amber Glass Dropper Bottle 

Nettle Seed Tincture WILDCRAFTED - Ontario Canada

  • Harvested from our forests fields and meadows - Nettle Seed Tincture - Master Herbalist Formulated at 1:4 Ratio -

    Nettle Seed Attributes:  Promotes a sense of clarity, wellness, heightened energy levels, reduced stress increased lung capacity. This plant is especially effective for those suffering from severe burnout, resulting in profound fatigue, brain fog, chronic pain and alternating feelings of depression and intense anxiety. Nettle seed can lessen all of these symptoms, and sometimes eliminate them completely. For some people, they can dramatically effect or shift perception, promoting a sense of connectedness... Physical and mental stamina is usually increased, and exertion will seem more enjoyable. 

    Nettle Seeds Tincture is an adaptogen. It supports the general stress response, strengthening the adrenals, as they're loaded with minerals and trace elements from the deep root reach of the plant.
    Nettle seeds work as a natural plant substance to help the body adapt to stress and have a trophorestorative ~> acts as a nutritive RESTORATIVE for the body.

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