🍃🌸🌹 ~Handcrafted *& Imported from Scotland ~ Each Botanically Inspired Resin bracelet is created by hand, so there might be some tiny resin bumps or imperfections in each piece.. Minor variations in appearance may occur as well. Bracelet measures 5/8” wide with a 2 and 5/8 inch inner diameter.

$58. each + tax 


Resin Bracelets get BETTER with wear and obtain a patina that beautifies & personalizes - they mold to the owners arm ~ Keep out of direct sunlight for long periods as this will warm the resin ...

So Beautiful. Get Your Plants ON. 


The Stillroom sourced these from an ARTS company dedicated to supporting local artists~ Their mission is to support local talent.

"At least 1% of all profits will be donated to a charity that benefits unprivileged children and adults, giving them the opportunity to experience art in a way that they might not otherwise have. We'll be selecting a new art-related charity every year."  ~In addition: The artisan jewelry offered is a "tribute to the beautiful things nature offers us." "Each piece of jewelry it is one of a kind and made completely by human hands."

- as advised by the seller.  ~Kelly 

Wild Rose Resin Botanical Bracelet Handcrafted