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Wildharvested Eastern White Pine Needle ..... WE ARE NOT restocking the tea  format any longer. ORDER OUR Pine Needle Tincture - which is more concentrated + more forest feasible 

- Pine Needle Tincture - Eastern White Pine ....... from The Stillroom Shoppe



Pine Needle Tincture / Extract OFFERS the identical benefits as the tea.



Vitamin C packed ancient tree medicine.. This is an outstanding aromatic nutritious source of extreme levels of vitamin C ~ containing more than 5X vitamin C than lemon by weight, & high levels of vitamin A + + other antioxidants. Folklore has it that 1 cup of Pine Needle Tea has the equivalency of 4 to 6 oranges. It is an aromatic cheery uplifting tea with lemon & almost mandarin notes ~ a mild cheerful surprisingly light mellow cup of tea.... 2 steeps can be made from 1 mug serving -


~ PLEASE NOTE we ship within Canada ONLY~ 


First Nations prized this herb (Pinus strobus) & regularly consumed this tea, especially as a source of winter vitamin tonic tea to remain immune strong all winter season when fruits/berries were unavailable. Excellent during times of sinus congestion or respiration congestion.. soothing, uplifting & comforting, a bright cup of Pine needle Tea. Forest in your cup ~


The original source of SURAMIN - an essential plant medicine/compound sourced from Eastern White Pine Trees & once available in all Apothecaries and then Pharmacies- for it's anti microbial, anti -viral health benefits.. White Pine tree medicine is RICH in tree terpenes and phenols which have been proven to improve brain health, viscosity of the blood, cholesterol, and offers respiratory and anti inflammatory benefits. 


Structural basis for inhibition of the SARS-CoV-2 RNA polymerase by Suramin -  -  "Suramin blocks viral replication in Vero E6 cells, although the reasons underlying this effect are likely various. Our results provide a structural mechanism for a nonnucleotide inhibitor of the SARS-CoV-2 RdRp." 


Early colonists to Canada were affected by scurvy and the antidote was from First Nations Peoples who taught our ancestors to drink White Pine tea daily.  It reversed the effects of the Vitamin C deficiency they were suffering from  - a lack of Vitamin C -  initiated by the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables on the several months oversea journey to our continent - from England - it is where the name limey came form.

This Tea was a staple amongst early settlers to this region in Ontario. 



Pine Needle and any conifer tree tea / extract is NOT suited during pregnancy or while breastfeeding as it reduces lacatation production in nursing mothers & IT is to be avoided during pregnancy as may cause mscarriage - there are studies indicating this - hence the caution.  


80 g  per bag ~ Fresh Wildcrafted Eastern White Pine Needle Harvested from our Farm Forests and Field Trees - Wild & Fresh 

(Pinus strobus. L. Pinus strobus) - Cut and sifted 

32 servings per bag + with 2 steeps per mug serving = approx. 60 mugs per bag  


Wildcrafted Ontario hand harvested premium quality Eastern White Pine Needle cut and sifted for ease of use. 


NOW AVAILABLE!  - Pine Needle TINCTURE - more info here -



PINE TEA: Possible Antidote for Spike Protein Transmission -


You can read more about the history of SURAMIN - the active component of White Pine here - Link -


Antioxidant activity and analysis of proanthocyanidins from pine (Pinus densiflora) needles - RESEARCH - PROOF & FACT CHECKED ---



Centuries of Use by First Nations - Healing Tonic

Nutrition Facts 'Pine" :

White Pine Herb Info :


Antioxidant activity and analysis of proanthocyanidins from pine (Pinus densiflora) needles -


NOT AVAILABLE - Pine Needle Tea - Eastern White Pine

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