Aromatherapy Diffusion Improves indoor air quality through the antiviral activity of pure plant essential oils being dispersed ultrasonically into the air.  Diffusing Aromatherapy indoors also supports Immunity, Respiratory clarity PLUS Improved Mood ~ Antidepressive & Tension Taming Benefits. 

Diffusing Essential oils can have direct proven impacts on sleep quality - promoting the relax response - and restorative rest if used in an adult bedroom.


Lavender, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Lemon Balm, Rose are just a few plant tools used for improving sleep quality by Diffusion. 


Diffusing is A Beautiful Aromatherapy Tool ~ 

A plant power delivery system ~Aromatherapy Ultrasonic  Essential Oil Diffuser


Such easy way to improve & enhance indoor Home space <3  ~Everyone who enters benefits. 

4 to 6 hour run time with Auto shut off ~
7 soft scrolling colors ~ or singular color or pure white or no light
Whisper quiet~ 
7.5" height x 4.5" width ~ 

Simple & Elegant


Click Link Here ~>> Watch This Aromatherapy Diffuser work on video



Aromatherapy Diffusion is the safest most health impacting method of plant essential oil delivery.  Studies PROVE the amazing impacts on the Mind & Body.. On mood, spirits & outlook.. AND Immune system, Respiratory Support + Indoor air quality benefits as Pure lant Essential Oils diffused have the impacts of improving indoor air quality by their antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-septic, anti-vermin, anti-insect & profound cleansing properties.


📖  Aromatherapy Benefits Study Nov. 2017: 


Results of this study showed that inhalation Aromatherapy had positive effects on reducing anxiety in all participants:


The Effect of Inhalation of Aromatherapy Blend containing LavenderEssential Oil on Postoperative Pain:


Effects of Aromatherapy on the Anxiety, Vital Signs, and Sleep Quality:


Health Dangers of scented candles:


How to Diffuse Aromatherapy


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The Stillroom ~ Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

  • A premium Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser that’s Whisper quiet, has 4 to 6 hour auto shut-off,  7 soft colors,  7” height x 4.5”  wide ~ elegant yet understated.  A Simple Beautiful Holistic Tool for Diffusing Pure Plant Essential Oils: at home, the bedroom, common area or classroom/office. 

    So everyone benefits from the power of pure plant benefits for Mind & Body. 


    These are considered one of the most adored wellness appliances nowadays due to their amazing qualities of air purification. By dispersing balanced amount of essential oils, they create a healing atmosphere, lift the mood & provide therapeutic benefits. When we breathe in such atmosphere, we also breathe in anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties of essential oils which keep us in good health & bring about ease.


    Click Link Here ~>> Watch This Aromatherapy Diffuser work on video