The Stillroom  Restoring Sea Salt Soak is a smoky sultry Sea Salt, Epsom Salt blended with Dragons' Blood Tree Resin or Croton lechleri, Hibiscus flowers & Eastern Spices..and Botanicals- Herbalist Formulated for sheer soul soothing relief. 

Relaxes, soothes tension away as soaking in salts does for a body & mind. Proven increases of magnesium levels expalin how soaking in sea salts in the evening provides a restful night sleep & gives a fresh awakened morning state.  20 minutes of soaking in Restoring Sea Salt Soak increases blood levels of magnesium - a proven relaxant for muscles and bodily fatigue. 


🛀💦🛁 .. DE - STRESS .. 
A new study from the Japan Health and Research Center, Tokyo City University and Jichi Medical University found that there are a number of physical as well as mental health benefits from soaking in a tub daily.
THIS is why you want to take a BATH, instead of a shower, after a stressful day - 
Physical and Mental Effects of A Daily Hot Bathing Ritual : A Randomized Intervention Study:
Link: >

🛀 Hot baths improve depression as much as physical exercise: 
Baths heal your mood and your heart > 
Link: >…/fu…/10.1152/ajpheart.00103.2011

🛀Habitual hot water bathing protects cardiovascular function in middle-aged to elderly Japanese subjects: > STUDY: 
Link: >

🛀 A Hot Regular bath prevents the risk of heart attack or stroke as having a soak shifts blood flow while the high temperature helps to reduce blood pressure : 
Link: >…/Taking-five-hot-baths-week-pr…


Report on Absorption of Salts across the skin - Magnesium Serum Levels Increase - Link: >


250 ml Jar with wooden scoop 

Restoring Sea Salt Soak + wood scoop

  • With Dragon’s Blood Tree Resin, Calming Eastern spices & Hibiscus Petals for skin softening. Perfect  for at home soul-care + for relief from stress & tight muscles.. post-yoga, body work, strength training or to ease away the strain of the day.  Atlantic sea salt, Epsom salts with smoky Dragons Blood Tree Resin oil and powder  to astringently love skin, Eastern soothing and comforting spices & sultry Hibiscus Petals repair muscle/joint/tendon fatigue, restores magnesium levels, detoxifies and makes for an energy filled next day. 


    A Herbalist formulated salt soak with infused Hibiscus Blossoms for Vitamin C and Astringency benefits for the skin.. Plus Dragon's Blood Trees Resin for it's toning, wound healing & anti-inflammatory support... Sea Salts with Epsom & which increase blood serum levels of calcium and magnesium for the most rested sleep you've had in a while - Makes for a Refreshing awakened morning.


    ..An early evening 20 minute soak in 🌸Restoring Sea Salts🌸 promotes a deeply restorative restful night's sleep. Blood serum levels of magnesium increase... relaxing smooth muscles.. Enticing Forest Clean Fresh Botanical Aromatics with Beautiful Hibiscus🌸 Blossoms🌸make this MY Sunday evening home spa ritual.  Restoring & Recharging. 


    Source: Report on Absorption of Salts across the skin - Magnesium Serum Levels Increase - Link: >


    More info on Dragon's Blood resin:

  • 250 mL