This is a long favoured Herbalist blend, centuries old & trusted as a promoter of creativity & inspiration.  This blend opens the doors to perception, intuition and aids in mental clarity outside the 5 senses.  It also happens to be a marvelous decogestant which is interesting becuse of the plant attributes effecting the mind for aiding in opening the mind to creativity also seem to benefit clear breathing.. With the ancient revered & once sacred Elderflowers, Sweet Peppermint & kisses of Yarrow & Botanicals that act as a Muse Infusion. 

Traditional Herbalist Tea

  • A Centuries old Herbalist formula that inspires, opens the doors to perception & creativity – refreshing & inspiring.  Has wonderful Decongestant/Allergy relief benefits as well.  Very refreshing hot or iced ~ in the Summer a few Hibiscus flowers increases the cooling effects delightfully. 

  • 80 g