This locally wild crafted Ontario Staghorn Sumac Berry ~ A highly antioxidant Sumac Berry Wellness Tea  is extremely nutritive ~ an ancient wellness beverage used by all cultures where this shrub grows natively.  North American First Nations first introduced this to early colonists as it was well known for prevention & treatment of breast cancer - it was referred to as the Lemon Tree - 


"Dr Rabah Iratni and his team at UAE University in Al Ain found that rhus coriaria aka sumac extracts can stop tumour growth and the spread of cells of triple-negative breast cancer."

"Scientists led by Dr Rabah Iratni of UAE University have shown that extracts of the shrub and small tree Sumac - Rhus coriaria can stop certain breast cancer cells from spreading, causing them to die and making it harder for tumours to form. The study found that, among other things, the plant extract made it harder for the cancer cells to attach themselves to certain other types of cell, something that is significant because the adhesion is needed for the development of new tumors."

“This plant is amazing. I call it the goldmine," said Dr Iratni, an associate professor of biology. “Quite frankly, the first time when we carried out the experiments, it was surprising."

"Rhus coriaria contains more than 200 chemicals, and many other plants also produce dozens of such "secondary metabolites" − substances not essential for the organism’s growth and reproduction."

"In thousands of cases, plant extracts have been shown to be of value in tackling human disease."


Rhus coriaria induces senescence and autophagic cell death in breast cancer cells through a mechanism involving p38 and ERK1/2 activation


Shrub shows promise in killing breast cancer cells: Plant Extract Stops Tumor Growth In Aggressive Cancer:







Also available as Sumac Tincture & Sumac Berry White Cocoa Peppermint Goat Milk Herb Soap 


**** Since Sumac is related to cashews and mango, anyone allergic to those foods should avoid it, or proceed with extreme caution.


NOTE: Sumac can equal = Cashew nut allergen - same family of plant ::: source:

Ontario Staghorn Sumac Berry Tea

  • Sumac Berry Tea ~ A cranberr-like lemony aromatic flavored tea. Wild crafted Staghorn Sumac berries provide the highest most preventative antioxidants in human trials. This tea is considered supportive of breast cancer prevention & disease care.  According to research the studies show that compounds in this plant infusion cause cell cancer death & prevent the spread of breats cancer.  


    Rhus coriaria induces senescence and autophagic cell death in breast cancer cells through a mechanism involving p38 and ERK1/2 activation





  • 60 g