Apothecary House Style Stillroom Herbal Tea Health Habits Made Easy Peasy~ Let's drink plant nutrition beverages + habitual herbal teas - Daily with Ease and Peace. 

Sustainable ~ Beautiful ~ Sturdy ~  Handy - ~  Recycle plastic coffee travel mugs - use an earth friendly sustainable forever-rusable Mason jar to hold + transport any beverage, or food Hotter or Colder as you like it~ 

This is a wide-mouth jar for ease of use for beverage/food. 


Handle is adjustable to 3 positions for a comfortable grip.

Holds Beverage /Food Heat or Cold Temperatures - 

500 ml wide mouth mason jar

Rust-proof jar ring

Silicone sipper  

100% faux / vegan leather sleeve - no animal products


Do not microwave – due to metal snaps.


Stillroom Stainless Loose Leaf Tea Infuser with Lid FITS ANY size Mason Jar


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..... Stainless Steel Lidded Tea Infuser Available..... 


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Stillroom Mason Mug - 500ml - Vegan Leather