Madagascar Star Rose Quartz Orbs  💎💖💎  The Self Acceptance Crystal 
Now available from The Stillroom Shoppe - Limited Quantities. 
Fire the inner critic +  Rediscover your Divine Nature. Rose Quartz energies open the hart chakra quieting the inner critic and acts as a catalyst for positive change.  

Madagasgar Star Rose Quartz Spheres 🌸💎Premium STAR Rose Quartz - Select size:

Small: 55. (Total with tax - 7.15 = 62.15)



To Ship ADD 15. + tax 1.95 = 16.95 to your etransfer payment - 


I will message/email you to adjust your adjusted order total depending on Rose Quartz Orb size of small medieum or Large. 

Rose Quartz Orb -1 LEFT - STAR Madagascar Rose Quartz