Gorgeous.  Centering  +  Balancing

Have Aromatherapy benefits at your fingertips all day with our own handcrafted  Lava stone diffusing bracelets that aren't  just pretty Holistic tools ~ but natural earth stones that offer balancing of mental energies & chakra energy...  Firey Lava stone πŸŒ‹ has been long used as an amulet on it's own, for courage & bravery ~ once given to warriors heading in to battle.  Rose Quartz offers the attritbutes of opening the heart chakra to accept gifts of more confidence & self-acceptance more readily. πŸŒΉπŸ’Ž  

Hand Crafted  & created with premium quality Rose Quartz + Lava stone. 


Lava stones used for Aromatherapy purposes just gets better & better the more you wear it ~ our ambient body warmth diffuses for personal Mind & Body benefit ~ 


Pick  1 Pure Essential Oil  Or 1 Blended Oil  ~  You LOVE and season the bracelet Lava beads ~ You have your own plant tool for easing negative emotions & balancing your energies throughout every day.  The warmth of our bodies promotes the diffusion of the botanical choice of essential oil ~ wherever we are - at work, at home, driving  . . . ~ when & as needed. 

That is the Power of Aromatherapy.  


Bonafide Effects of Aromatherapy Studies: 


Fragrance compounds and essential oils with sedative effects upon inhalation:



Inhalation Effects of Aroma Essential Oil on Quality of Sleep:



Herbal Profile: Lavender:



Biological Activities of Essential Oils: From Plant Chemoecology to Traditional Healing Systems:



The effects of camphor, eucalyptus and menthol essential oils:



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Aromatherapy Educated since 1993

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Rose Quartz Lava Stone Diffusing Bracelet

  • Gorgeous & Purposeful.  ~ 2 traditional semi-precious gem stones that are earth art you wear on your body.  These are lovely with or without essential oils but to use as a mind easing tool with plant oils is an easy peasy strategy for reducing anxiety, tension and providing fast mood lift with lasting benefits.  


    Read More Research About Crystals as Energy Resonators:

    Read more: Harvard - https://goo.gl/mp4GX4 
    Berkeley - https://goo.gl/RLqILB


    πŸ’Ž Crystals do not generate energy they do however act as transducers of energy ~ A transducer is capable of transforming one form of energy into another…rather than generating it. In fact this is why crystals were at one time .. used in watches for keeping time.. All quartz crystals, Topaz + Tourmaline have a positive resonating effect on living organisms.



    Master Herbalist since '95

    Aromatherapy Educated since 1993