Organic Tension Tamer Salve ~ A topical salve for times of worry,  tension,  stress and anxiety.  Can be used to effectively ward off a tension headache or to relax extreme tightness at back of neck where mental baggage is often physically held or carried.  Tight neck muscles are relaxed before they can provoke a migraine or tension headache via the benefits of the anti-inflammatory herbs & Aromatherapy attributes of this Salve.   This is a softly soothing calmer of anxiety, quickly promotes relaxation and can be used as a  gentle Aromatherapy induced sleep aid..  To calm & relax young children over 2 years applied for soothing purposes after emotional upset /  soothes crying from trauma caused by mild injuries like scrapes or falls ~ provides natural fast comfort.  


3X infused floral formulation for maximum anti-inflammatory plant soothing long lasting effective support. A Holistic tool for managing effects of stress & anxiety.  Traditional. Trusted.  Botanical.   25g Amber Glass. 

Organic Tension Tamer Salve

  • This is a gentle soothing floral minty calming  3X infused traditional salve or rub formula ~ a little kiss of French Lavender, Spearmint ~ Peppermint, Chamomile & various Citrus herbs. . Rose . . .   Soft.   A gentlly aromatic Aromatherapy Blend for welcoming relaxation & tension free status fast.  Hand crafted with organic herbals & florals & blended with maximum potency in a gentle botanical balm/salve for application. 


    A little rubbed at the back of the neck, inside forearms, in hairline at temples and lastly a wee swipe under the nose.  Wildly effective Flower Power.  Zero chemicals or artificial ingredients of any kind.  


    Keep from eyes and out of reach of children.