Apothecary Rose Mini Mood Mist ~ A Herbalist Harvested & Fomulated Organic Floral Water with kisses of Rosewood, Rosa Gallica, Rose Otto ... For the Heart for the Mind. ~Wild harvested Apothecary Roses ~

100% Botanical Ingredients Only.  From Our Farm Forests and Fields. 

Properties of Rose are found to be relaxing, anxiety-relieving, soothing, and sedative .. almost instantly....

Heart opening and centering for the whole body. . . For reduction of anxiety on the go.. Tucks in anywhere for a quick yet lasting burst of mood lift, benefits last hours.  Use to reduce anxiety, soothe frayed nerves and calm down jittery tension.  A Rose Aromatherapy herbal helper that is 100% Botanical - zero artificial ingredients.  Beautiful to have handy - tucks anywhere as a tiny but mighty plant power tool. 

Pure Medicinal Rose Love  

Roses are an ancient, traditionally trusted + revered flower medicinal and remained in the Pharmacopia until the early 20th century as a heart opening, mind calming, mentally & emotionally recharging herb.  The use of Rose creates significant decreases of breathing rate, blood oxygen saturation and systolic blood pressure, which indicate a decrease of autonomic reaction. At the emotional level, subjects in the roses rated themselves as more calm, more relaxed and less alert than subjects in the control group. These findings represent a relaxing effect of the rose and provide evidence for the use of rose blossoms or oil in aromatherapy, and rose blossoms as traditional medicine such as causing relief of depression and stress in humans.


Excellent for panic attack relief : Read more: https://goo.gl/EcVCF2


These Flower Gems.💎 Summer captured in a bottle literally. Oh Yes it is. Freshly Farmed & wild harvested Botanicals. 

Refresher, Mood & Spirit LIFT in seconds, easy to take anywhere for a quick burst of RELAX & Deep Breathing ~ A little Pillow/Bedroom Mists... Aromatherapy Herbalist Formulated & Decadent in Nature.


Relaxing Effect of Rose on Humans: https://goo.gl/WpTjAK

The Aromatherapy aspects of Rose are;
💗 Relief of human depression and stress







Organic Rose Mini Mood Mist

  • A True Herbalist Apothecary Rose Hydrosol that eases the mind, releases tension soothes anxiety quickly with lasting effects for taming a fretful mind. Rose: the flower of love, compassion & generosity ~ soothing promoting feelings of ease. .


    The Stillroom Shoppe Wildcrafted Apothecary Rose Floral Water is Organic, steam distilled & infused with wild crafted local Heritage Apothecary Roses hand harvested, preserved & formulated into specialty Essential Wellness Botanicals ... In addition Pure Organic Rose Absolute is formulated into this traditonal floral water skin treatment for maximum Mind & Body  benefits. 

    10ml ~ Also Available in 30 ml ..  


    Excellent for panic attack relief : Read more: https://goo.gl/EcVCF2