Organic Elderflower Tea Tree with Oak Moss Bar Soap

Wildcrafted Elder blossoms for traditional skin health via plant source.  Oak Moss increases this beautiful organic Goat Milk herb bar whole body care soap's strengths for reversing skin weathering, pore size, firmness & texture ~ the beauty of Oak Moss everyday ~ Botanical infused skin care.  The benefits of Oak Moss for skin are:  Antiseptic, Soothing, Restorative & promotes maintence of skin's natural oil balance.

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Wholseome food for our skin.  Goat milk soap is excellent nutrition for skin, normalizing pH, so it doesn't strip the skin of it's natural moisture.. Goat Milk also has anti-inflammatory properties for skin as well as anti-microbial benefits.  The added benefits of Tea Tree oil provide antiseptic benefit, antimicrobial, fast wound healing, anti-viral activity & restoration to troubled skin.   Elderflowers are a centuries old treatment for sensitive, troubled skin that is prone to breakouts..  Elderflower brings soothing anti-inflammatory & rapid wound healing gifts to our skin. 


Our skin ~ What we put on, we let in. 


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Oak Moss Elderflower Tea Tree Herb Soap

  • Organic Elderflower Tea Tree with Oak Moss Soap

    Organic Elderflower Tea Tree with Oak Moss Soap with Wildcrafted Elder Blossoms with Tea tree, Organic Oak Moss, Goat Milk with Oatmeal & Local Honey, Organic Shea Butter & skin nurturing oil.  Supportive to break out prone skin.  Normalizes pH level of skin.  Nature care for healthy skin.