A beautiful comforting nourishing formulation for Mums to be or nursing Mums - or anyone seeking a cup of soothing smooth comfort. .  This is a traditional herbal tea that provides plant nutrients galore plus the relaxing ant-fatigue benefits of Lavender flowers, Cardamom for digestion & anti-gas, Alfalfa for huge phytonutirents and the high Calcium & Magnesium plus kisses of Peppermint leaf for safe fresh flavour & bodily tonic aid.   Nesting Mum Tea soothes morning sickness, fatigue & worry.  






Nesting Mom Herbal Tea

  • A lovely soothing sweet Mum Blended herbal tea ~ Refreshing, calming, eases worry & nervousness, highly nutritive having Alfalfa, Nettles, Cardamom & French Lavender blossoms & a kiss of Fenugreek which promotes milk production in Nursing Mums. 

  • 90 g