~ Herbalist Harvested & Formulated Lavender Mini Mood Mist ~ 10 ml  A little spritz will do it.  Plant Power You can use Anywhere.  100% Botanical Ingredients.  Lavender from our Farm. 

Lavender via inhalation Eases Anxiety, Lifts Depression and Calms Nervousness in a pleasing effective timely manner.  Just Breathe. This tiny flower power tool is excellent for kids from 8yrs & Adults.  Lavender Mini Mood Mist tucks anywhere for easy access in a time of need  ~ A Flower Power GEM~ Naturally ~


This Spring's Lavender Getting a head start >http://bit.ly/2Emixni


Lavender Plant Medicine Infohttps://goo.gl/skONSL


A Proven ...https://goo.gl/QFNiRc... Effective quick acting floral helper.

Organic Lavender Mini Mood Mist