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MINERAL TINTED ~ Peppermint Supreme Lip Balm ~  =  Herbalist Formulated for amazing lasting moisture & peppy chill~ The tint is a semi-transparent neutral - barely there - Mineral tint ... Plumper lips, wildly effective headache relief, boosted mental alertness, provides refreshment for the mind by cleansing & clearing breathing all with that beautiful fresh light tingle we love with Peppermint.. Energizing for the mind & senses, uplifting & refreshing.  That's Aromatherapy.  For Lip Balm Junkies.  

4.5 ml 


Peppermint Effects on The Mind & Body via Aromatherapy:

MINERAL TINTED ~ Peppermint Supreme Lip Balm

  • Purely Mineral Tinted Peppermint Supreme Lip Balm formulated with pure sheer Mineral color - just a tiny kiss of sheen ✨ ~~ Just enough to throw the Light ✨ 


    100% Pure Botanicals 🍃  Organic Hemp oil Avocado oil Sweet Almond oil 🍃 with infused wild crafted local Herbals PLUS the proven therapeutic purity of (Locally purveyed since 1993) plant essential oils in a Traditional Herbalist blend of emollient plant love for lip protection & restoration..

    Aromatherapy decadent lip balm created by a relentless lip balm junkie who had to create these to find her very favorites.   If you love a GREAT lip balm ~ These are for you ~ truly Mother Nature inspired.  Wholesome botanical decadence for our skin.  

    ⭐ Protects ⭐Conditions⭐ Lifts Mood ⭐ Relieves Tension ⭐


    That's It. Nurture Your Lips. 

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