Organic Love Your Body Powder  Herbalist Formulated  - 100% plant source chemical fragrance free offering purely floral rich  skin benefits.  Not just for Babies ~ For Everyone..  With deodorizing, skin restoring protective flower & botanical ingredients of Lavender, Chamomile, Plantain, Marshmallow root & more this body powder is for Everyone.  It's a Decadent Botnaical Body Powder - It's a LOVELY Dry Shampoo - It's an Awesome footwear deodorizer &  It's a Skin Food. 

Safe. Wholesome. Effective & Lovely Silky & Decadent in Aromatics..  


This Botanical Silky Herbalist Formula is a fantastic dry shampoo and is  a WILDLY deordorizing footwear tool ~


A DECADENT multi-tasking floral formula ~ A little goes a long - long way~  Created with REAL Plant & Mineral Earth Created Ingredients. 200 ml glass jar


Further reading on the dangers of chemical talc based powder & WHY to avoid: (Johnson & Johnson) 



Johnson & Johnson Powder Linked to Ovarian Prostrate & Genital cancers: Link:

Love Your Body Powder ~ 100% Botanicals

  • 100% Botanicals, zero chemicals zero talc, zero fragrance, zero carcinogens ~ Only organic silky protective nourishing plant love for Baby and  Adult skin care.  

    Clean Fresh & Divine. Softly Naturally Aromatic.  Purely Fresh..

    Love Your Body Powder ... Double infused Calendula Blossoms for skin healing, pain relief, restoring benefits & anti-inflammatory action.

    Our Farm Lavender, Plantain & Yarrow flowers  hand harvested for soothing calm & broken skin recovery.  

    Our Farm Organic Chamomile for it's cooling effects & natural antibacterial benefits.


    Our Wildcrafted Plantain herb  to reduce infection occurrence, reduce likelihood of yeast growth. . as well as other specific botanicals that aid, support & promote healthy skin in a moist, dark environment.


    Herbalist Formulated Forest & Field Hand Harvested Botanicals. 



  • 200 ml