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Organic Love Your Body Powder  Herbalist Formulated  - 100% plant & mineral source chemical fragrance free offering purely floral rich  skin benefits.  Not just for Babies ~ It`s For Everyone - the wole family ... With deodorizing, skin restoring protective flower & botanical ingredients of Lavender florets, Calendula flower, Wild Plantain leaf, Marshmallow root & more -- this body powder is for Everyone.  It's a Decadent Botanical Body Powder -


It's a LOVELY Dry Shampoo - It's an Awesome footwear deodorizer &  It's a Skin Food.

Safe. Wholesome. Effective & Lovely Silky & Decadent in Aromatics..  


This Botanical Silky Herbalist Formula is a fantastic dry shampoo and is  a WILDLY deordorizing footwear tool ~


A DECADENT multi-tasking floral formula ~ A little goes a long - long way~  Created with REAL Plant & Mineral Earth Created Ingredients.


200 ml glass jar


Further reading on the dangers of chemical talc based powder & WHY to avoid: (Johnson & Johnson) 



Johnson & Johnson Powder Linked to Ovarian Prostrate & Genital cancers: Link:



Massive recall issued for commercial dry shampoo products over cancer risk -  2022 & 2023 -

In a statement on its website, Unilever Canada said potentially elevated levels of the chemical benzene were detected in the affected products, which are packaged in aerosol cans. 1.5 million units of the affected products were sold across the country.

Benzene is classified as a human carcinogen and exposure to the chemical by inhalation, orally or through the skin can result in cancers such as leukemia, blood cancer of the bone marrow, and blood disorders, according to Health Canada.

Link source:,see%20the%20full%20list%20here).



Love Your Body Powder ~ 100% Botanical & Mineral

  • 100% Botanical & Mineral, zero chemicals zero talc, zero artificial fragrance, zero carcinogens ~ Only organic silky protective nourishing plant love for Baby and  Adult skin care.  

    Love Your Body Powder  ALSO acts a a wonderful chemical free plant & mineral DRY SHAMPOO or freshener for hair between washes-- absorbing excess oil and providing shine & managability. 

    Clean Fresh & Divine. Softly Naturally Aromatic.  Purely Fresh..

    Love Your Body Powder ... Double infused Calendula Blossoms for skin healing, pain relief, restoring benefits & anti-inflammatory action.

    Our Farm Lavender florets Plantain leaf - hand harvested for soothing calm & broken skin recovery.  

    Our Farm Organic Calendula for it's cooling effects & natural antibacterial benefits.

    Our Wildcrafted Plantain herb  to reduce infection occurrence, reduce likelihood of yeast growth. . as well as other specific botanicals that aid, support & promote healthy skin in a moist, dark environment.


    Herbalist Formulated Forest & Field Hand Harvested Botanicals. 



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