Organic Love Your Baby Diaper Balm ~ 100% plant source chemical fragrance free & Floral rich in skin soothing protective benefits.  Not just a diaper balm either!  With skin healing. restoring protective flower & botanical ingredients of Calendula, Lavender, Chamomile, Plantain, Marshmallow root & more LYB Balm is GREAT for babies/children or adult summer scapes, stings, bites, cuts, small skin injuries or rashes ~ every plant ingrdient promotes speedy healing with reduced skin scarring.  


With our Farmed Lavender, Calendula, Comfrey + Plantain - Herbalist formulated for Maximum Outcomes. 


Safe. Wholesome. Effective & Lovely silky & Decadent in Plant Aromatics..


Formulated to reduce ocrrance of candida & yeast infections in diaper zones - and act a s a barrier to protect baby's skin ... 


4 oz / 120 ml screw-cap tin - Keep from Extreme Heat 

Organic Love Your Baby Diaper Balm

SKU: 0002
  • Double infused Calendula & Calendula blossoms for skin healing, pain relief, restoring benefits & anti-inflammatory action, Lavender flowers for soothing calm & broken skin recovery, Chamomile for it's cooling effects & natural antibacterial benefits, Plantain herb to reduce infection occurrence, reduce likelihood of yeast growth. . as well as other specific botanicals that aid, support & promote healthy skin in a moist, dark environment. LYB Diaper Balm has the same actions but with a natural skin barrier consistency desired for a highly effective diaper area ointment. This plant ointment could actually double as a scrape, cut, bite, sting, bump & bruise balm too!

  • 240 mL