This season's Wild Leeks Hand Harvested Sustainably from our Farm.  Fresh Vibrant and Dehydrated at PEAK.  Used in savory vegan meals or meat protein as you wish - the food of Ontario's heritage & forest on your table.  Wild Leeks are a Spring Delicacy & generally only served in high profile local restaurants during the very short availabilty in each Spring season.  Peterborough Ontario Wild Grown.

Eat Local but THINK Global ~ Eating locally increases Immunity as it introduces local-our habitat gut microbes into the western diet.  Tradtional eating includes local vegetation as agricultural customs recocnized the iIMPORTANCE of gut health in realtion to the need of local produce to restore rebuild and strengthen  IMMUNITY. 


Wild Leeks are the Onion & Chives Family & offer the same but BETTER Nutritive value as the sulphur veggies - such as nautral antibiotic effects - to delete unhealthy bacteria & microbes - and antiseptic abilities + digestive support - blood pressure & heart perforamcne health... the list is long & even longer for wildcrafted fresh vibrancy herbs..  Peterborough Ontario Wild Grown.   << VIDEO


45g  - Dehydrated at Peek Wild Leeks 





Season for Ramps: April – June - In a Forest Near YOU..

Locally Harvested Wild Leeks ~ Ramps ~DEHYDRATED~

  • Locally hand harvested from Our Farm & Acerage this Season's Wild Leeks are available in a BEAUTIFUL DEHYDRATED format for 4 season Enjoyment & 'ramping' up Savory Flavor with back notes of a sweet garlic fresh undertone.. Lovely in any meal - meat cuts, fish, egg, casseroles, pasta sauces, marinas, salads..Vegan dishes become almost carmelized in flavor with the inclusion of the rare elusive Wild Leek.


    These are difficult to obtain - a rare Ontario delicacy - Now available in a Dehydrated shelf + pantry beautiful option for dining exposions of flavor.


    Sustainably Herbalist Hand Harvested - The tops of all Wild Leeks are ONLY harvested - bulbs remain to continue growing in the forest habitat... the complete life of wild leeks is a seven year at most span..  

    Kelly Remmer, Master Herbalist Since  ~1995~