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Liquid Chlorophyll - Mulberry Leaf Extract - THE BEST source -- MY personal fave Liquid Chlorophyll for 30+ years -- CANADIAN -- Mulberry leaf reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes  - is rich in guanidine, a substance with blood glucose-lowering activity. Liquid Chlorophyll binds to unwanted metals in body - alkalizes & is rich in calcium magnesium which calms the nerves. You add it to your daily water intake a little splash like 1/4 tsp to every glass of water


Chlorophyll aids the body's natural detoxification methods helping to eliminate toxic metals and chemicals such as mercury by binding to these and eliminating them through the body's excretment processes. 


Studies have found that chlorophyll - plant sourced - can bind to potential carcinogens and interfere with how they’re absorbed within the human gastrointestinal tract. This helps stop them from circulating throughout the body and reaching susceptible tissues, such as those within the joints or heart... Liquid Chlorophyll binds to unwanted metals in body - alkalizes & is rich in calcium magnesium which calms the nerves. Chlorophyll protects healthy cells and bodily tissue is by increasing phase II biotransformation enzymes. These promote optimal liver health and therefore the body’s natural elimination of potentially harmful toxins. Chlorophyll improves detoxification by speeding up waste elimination, balancing fluid levels and reducing cases of constipation. Additionally, preliminary research shows chlorophyll supports metabolism. Chlorophyll from fresh green leaves (Mulberry leaves in this case) has potent anti-inflammatory activities against dangerous bacteria and other environmental toxins. The extract effectively reduces the total amount of sugar being absorbed into the bloodstream by over 20%. .... It is also easy access to blood cleansing because Chloropyll IS LIQUID SUNSHINE.


The humble Mulberry leaf contains medicinally useful compounds + Antioxidant Effects Studies show that regular intake of leafy, green vegetables helps to increase antioxidants in the bloodstream. Chlorophyll decreases oxidative damage done by harmful pathogens, toxins + carcinogens such as oxidative stress that circulates through the bloodstream. Chlorophyll improves the ability of the immune system to fend off unwanted debris and excess free radicals from circulating which harm the immune system and which can hinder immunity from functioning at optimum. Liquid chlorophyll is also massively RICH in minerals which encourage the healthy strength of the immune system. ️100% CANADIAN.


For a morning ritual of self-care that's Real ~ A plant shot to smoothies - plain H20 in the a.m. - Before your coffee - Calms the nerves with it's Calcium & Magnesium RICH makeup- Prepares the Brain & Central Nervous system for the day. Chlorophyll Improves Cholesterol Levels - is a preventative + support for Type 2 Diabetes - Chlorophyll – Supports the heart, intestines, cleanses liver, & improves overall vascular health PLUS Reduces body inflammation.


Add Liquid Chlorophyll shots to your daily drinking water -  EXCELLENT for Children's Daily Use - 'frog juice' was a staple morning practice in our kitchen for our 4 kids from 1 year on  - They still use it as Adults & for their children. It has zero taste when added to water & pumps your 1st sip of H20 UP with powerful plant pigments that are RICH in Benefits.


1 or 2 Dropperfuls in a little water each morning.. for kids - 1/4 to 1/2 Dropperful in their 1 st a.m. beverage


Plant Chlorophyll is higher in calcium & magnesium than goat milk or cow's milk. Cattle consume grass/hay to create milk - Why don't we turn first to vegetation for our calcium needs?? Liquid Chlorophyll has been in our life for over 30+ years~ Dairy was not pushed in our home - as dairy creates an excess of mucus -- we pushed plant sourced Calcium Magnesium in the form of Liquid Chlorophyll. This Has Zero Taste + a Magnificent way to boost Immunity + a calmer serene central nervous system + cognitive function ... 


GREEN UP your H20 or smoothies or juices for Maxing Out Wellness. Chlorophyll is RICH in Calcium & Magnesium - This is the Purely Canadian source I've used for over 30 years. It's Absorbed Almost Instantly.  Purifies the interior of the Body - Deodorizes the interior functions & Alkalizes the Blood.



Chlorophyll is the micro-crystalline pigment found in plants and is often referred to as Nature’s healer. Chlorophyll is to plants what hemoglobin is to the human body. Chlorophyll is a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants for the maintenance of good health. Daily use enhances the absorption and utilization of vitamins and minerals and aids in digestion. It is a whole body alkalizer & deodorizer - Literally cleaning up the interior of the body~ Chlorophyll enhances the effects of vitamins and minerals and plays an important role in digestion.


The Stillroom's  Trophic Chlorophyll Liquid - The very brand we have used personally for over 30 years - is available in 100ml  Dropper format for easy addition to Every Morning  1st sip of water - smoothies - or juices - Chlorophyll is the very BEST of plant material - THE PIGMENT.   Mulberry Leaves  are a fortifying Herb that alkalizes aids digestion deodorizes and fortifies the bloodstream with calcium magnesium and microvitamins phenols and digestive supporting compounds. QUICKLY reducing morning foggy brain - enhancing mental alertness with a much needed daily shot of plant sorced Calcium and Magnesium. 


Chorophyll is Richer in Calcium and Magnesium than any dairy product - without creating mucous and allergery reponses.



Chlorophyll—Its therapeutic place in acute and suppurative disease: Preliminary report of clinical use and rationale - chlorophylls, have the virtue of the ability to trap volatile compounds - heavy metals. 



Digestion, absorption, and cancer preventative activity of dietary chlorophyll derivatives - 



Cow's milk is associated with recurrent otitis media - Ear Infections during childhood. >>  Link:



Liquid Chlorophyll - Mullberry Leaf - 100% Canadian

  • Cow's milk  is associated with recurrent otitis media (ear infections) during childhood - source -

    We're the only mammal that pushes milk consumption beyond infancy. Mucus forming and filled with sugar - dairy milk is not what humans need. It is NOT a great source of calcium.

    There is more calcium found in plants than in cow milk.

    Did you know that cows eat greenery/vegetation all day to produce milk?


    Less ear infections, less mucous, less immunity shutting down & MORE plant nutrition - get off the cow.

    Liquid Chlorophyll spiked beverages is an easy peasy way to increase calcium & magnesium for children & adults.





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