🌿💦💨💎  Firey Lavastone Aromatherapy Diffusing Pendants ..Lavastone offers Courage + Bravery as it's signature energy.  Coupled with your fave or therapeutic essential oil ~ You're good to go.  Season your Lavastone w a drop of carrier oil THEN your most loved  Essential Oil or EO Blend... It'll season quick + just need top ups with your EO as you wish.  💨  Handcrafted in The Stillroom ~ 18" Length Leather Cord

Simple.  Elegant.  Minimalist. Earth Bling.  Authentic Aromatherapy Since 93 ...  


Remember - Always Dilute, Diffuse & Never ingest ANY bottled Essential Oils - Be Safe Not Sorry. 


Lavastone Gem Chakra Diffusing Bracelets Available TOO 



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Lava stone Aromatherapy Diffusing Pendant