Gardening, Camping, Hiking or just walking the dog-  ~If you’ve been exposed to poison ivy or poison oak, the best course of action is to wash all exposed areas with. .  The Stillroom ~Jewelweed Summer Forest Soap~

- As soon as possible after skin exposure to the offending plant -  A Herbalist Formulated Decadent Skin Food Bar packed with Forest hand harvested Botanicals... Wild Violet Blossoms & Jewelweed flowers + + Infused with Oatmeal  + Shea Butter + Argan Oil + Our Farmed Lavender Oils.. It is an Aromatic Walk Through the Woods. 


Jewelweed Forest Soap is formulated & Infused with wildcrafted Jewelweed blossoms, Wild Violets ..Plantain.. & Yarrow Flowers.  This Herbal Bar Soap is Decadent & Richly lathering to effectively cut through any reactive plant oils lingering from brushing up against poison ivy, oak or sumac.  

Honey & Oatmeal calm and soothe the skin & ease inflammation as do the hand harvested Botanicals in the formula.

You can also effectively treat poison ivy no matter how long you’ve had the rash.  Lathering up the affected area with ~Jewelweed Summer Forest Soap~ for at least 30 seconds + rinse with cool water.  Pat dry.  The first treatment will dramatically improve the itching, but  Jewelweed Trail Soap is so gentle that you could use it as often as you’d like for the itch and rash of poison ivy, poison oak, acne, eczema or even razor rash or just washing up from Forest Time.  


Also available : ~Jewelweed Summer Salve~ Soothing Healing ANTI~ITCH formula that's FAST acting & with long lasting plant medicine benefits.  


See it at  >>  ~Jewelweed Summer Salve~ 


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Jewelweed Summer Forest Soap ~Wildcrafted~