Soothe itchy Poison Ivy rashes and allergic skin + Stings with Locally Wildcrafted Jewelweed Summer Skin Spray .. Joined wiith it's forest friends Sweet Fern, Achillea & Holy grass & formulated into a delightful quick remedy to relieve the itch and spread of poison ivy rash.  2 time honored proven herbals specific for the relief of itching reactive posion ivy rash - It's an Apothecary Skin Mist.  One of the chemicals found in jewelweed sap is called lawsone. The highest concentrations of lawsone are found in the “red protuberances” where the stalk meets the roots.  THIS is the premium Jewelweed portions used in Jewelweed Summer Skin Spray .. it acts an anti-inflammatory, antifungal - Jewelweed can also used be for topical fungal infections such as ringworm, and athletes’ foot.


Herbalist Harvested & Formulated with raw fresh plant materials only. 


Wildly Soothing - Cooling - Wildly Effective for providing relief & speedy recovery of poison oak, poison ivy, hive like reactive skin rashes, insect bites + stings with diminished scarring. 

For Topical Use Only.  120 ml


In 1922, Dr. H.W. Felter wrote that Jewelweed applied to poison ivy dermatitis provides relief that is “almost magical.”

A study published in 1958 in the “Annals of Allerty” found jewelweed effective in treating poison ivy rash in 108 of 115 patients.




Jewelweed Summer Spray

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    Jewelweed has fungicidal properties too - it can help repel an itchy and uncomfortable case of athlete's foot. A study at the University of Vermont about 1950 showed Jewelweed to have POTENT anti-fungal properties, confirming its use as a treatment for athlete’s foot, ringworm, and dandruff. It provides itching relief for all manner of skin irritation, rash & minor rashes scrapes or scrapes & gives immediate itch inflammation relief for bug bites or stings as well. 
    Jewelweed provides dependable wonderful anti-itching, wound healing, and astringent properties for our skin. 
    Jewelweed contains a compound called lawsone in its leaves are proven to have anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties.