Jewelweed Summer Salve ~ 100% Forest Flower skin support - skin rash & skin itch remedy.
A Spring & Summer Salve Herbalist formulated with Wild Harvested Jewelweed blossoms & Leaves + Plantain leaf + + More Botanicals that speed healing of skin while minimizing scarring...~All wildcrafted every summer as a natural tool for outdoor adventures🌳🌱

. .From Our farm Forests & Fields . . 

Jewel Summer Salve is skin aid for itchy Poison Ivy relief, prevention of spread, speed of healing, calms rashes or skin reactions, stings, abrasions, bites, scrapes, cuts, hives, heat rash, burns & abrasions & reactive dermatitis. Excellent for itchy bug bite relief. 

Anti-itch * Anti-inflammatory * Calms Dermal Reactions * Speeds Healing * Reduces Scarring * Soothing * Applies Easily * 

120 ml / 4 ounce screw cap tin 


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Jewelweed Summer Salve - Wildcrafted

  • Jewelweed Summer Salve ~ Herbalist Formulated with wildcrafted Local Jewelweed & Plantain Leaf +++ for maximum skin relief outcomes.

    Fast & long lasting Traditional Plant Remedy relief for itchy - reactive bites, stings rashes  + for Poison Ivy relief, reduction of spread + speed of healing. ~~~~ SPEEDS HEALING~~~~ 

    Jewelweed has fungicidal properties too - it can help repel an itchy and uncomfortable case of athlete's foot. A study at the University of Vermont about 1950 showed Jewelweed to have POTENT anti-fungal properties, confirming its use as a treatment for athlete’s foot, ringworm, and dandruff. It provides itching relief for all manner of skin irritation, rash & minor irritations & gives immediate itch relief for bug bites or stings as well. 


    WILDLY Effective anti-itch Harbalist Formula.  Handcrafted small batched from our Forests & Fields to you. 🌱 Essential Wellness Botanicals. 🌱