YOU choose your fave Incense from the list for smudging your home and cleansing the energy indoors ... Incense Burning is a form of smudging used to Improve mood, mind,  sleep and cognitive energies - being found to ground center and promote a sense of wellbeing to those exposed to it   .... 

Incense burners have been found in the Indus Civilization (3300–1300 BCE) and incense residue in ancient egyptian tombs in El Mahasna. The earliest documented use of incense comes from the ancient Chinese, who employed incense composed of herbs and plant products (such as cassia, cinnamon, styrax, and sandalwood) as a component of numerous formalized ceremonial rites.


The word incense comes from Latin incendere meaning "to burn".


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Palo Santo



Nag Champa  


Accessories - Abalone Shell avaialble 



Medicinal plants for the treatment of “nervios”, anxiety, and depression in Mexican Traditional Medicine - 

Incense ~ Various Herbals