Herbalist Formulated  I.B.S. Relief Lozenges or Pastilles - for maximum FAST relief from pain, spasm, distension, trapped gas, works quickly to normalize bowel habit iregularity -  Rolled in Powdered Rose Petals ~ As this Herbalist's oldschool methods, to super boost Vitamin C, Rutin, Bioflavanoids & massive Antioxidants to restore + provide soothing mucosal lining, plus rebuilding with Wild local harvested Peppermint Leaf, Marshmallow root, Slippery Elm bark, Licorice + Chamomile more inflammatory bowel herbals that work quickly to calm irritation & inflammation & bring soothing calming relief.


Can be combined in use with I.B.S. Relief Tea for intense soothing plant remedy therapy. 

Lozenges can be allowed to dissolve slowly in the mouth as desired throughout the day for ongoing plant tool support.  2 or 3 Lozenges can be tossed into a mug with boiling water, cover & let cool to room tmrperature  or drink cold ~ drink 2 to 3 mugs per day if preferred. 


Also available at The Stillroom Shoppe - I.B.S. Relief Herbal Tea - Is A Herbalist Formulated A loose herb soothing blend that eases cramping, spasms, bloating, calms the bowel down & supports recovery. Yarrow, Lemon Balm & herbals are drank cold for best benefit.


These are Traditional Herbalist Formulations designed for maximum fast relief from suffering - with plant remedies used for thousands of years for these purposes.  


120 g Amber Glass Jar 

IBS Relief Lozenges / Pastilles

  • There is no need to suffer with I.B.S. or inflammatory bowel symptoms ~ Plants help tremendously with these dis-eases.


    Traditional Plant Remedies Ease, Soothe & Restores Quickly. 


    This is what plants can do to help us. No side effects ~ no harm. It's just Natural.   These plants reduce pain, spasms, rolling gas, constipation/diarrhea & the malaise that comes along with an I.B.S. 'attack'...


    These pretty IBS Pastilles or Lozenges are dusted in Apothecary Roses 🌸Local raw honey makes herbs perform quadruple duty by normalizing the microbial habitat of the Gut quickly.. Excellent for soothing rebuilding of mucosa lining due to inflammatory bowel issues. Settles things down mighty fast~ Returns normalcy of bowel habits.. Eases cramping pain + discomfort.
    Serious preventative support to ward off flareups too. This is Apothecary Wild Herbalism. 


    Relieve I.B.S. Naturally: