🌿 🌿  GIFT CERTIFICATES 🌿 🌿  ...Give the GIFT of Plants and Botanicals for Mind and Body... 

From The Stillroom Shoppe ~ Digital Gift certificates - will be emailed out to your friend or family loved one for any occasion you wish! ... Easy Peasy to order - you pay by Etransfer - Provide the recipient's Email address and the DATE you wish it to arrive in their mailbox. 


You may choose any denomination you wish.


Please use the NOTES section to advise:

Value of Gift Certificate.

Who it is for.

What the special occasion is.

Any message you wish included and who it is to be from.

Their email delivery address.

What date you wish it to be delivered.

Your email address so I can copy you on it.



Payment method: Etransfer to stonehouseholistics@bell.net

Please use security word answer: Herbalist


I will confirm to your email when payment has been accepted. 


Your recipiant's GIFT CERTIFICATE emal will include our Stillroom Shoppe Website address - and our telephone number in case they wish to redeem their GIFT Certificate by telephone order directly with us. 



The GIFT CERTIFICATE by email will appear like this: 


"Good afternoon Ellen, Your sister in law Robin has purchased a Gift Certificate for $100. for YOU~ (Digital) for you to spend at our online Stillroom Shoppe🌿 🌿 🌿 at www.stonehouseholistics.com

~ HAPPY Birthday to YOU~ 

Take a peek about our online Stillroom Shoppe to see what you wish to have shipped to you~ ... 

I will send your Herbals by expedited parcel delivery~ If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask - If you are more comfortable telephoning me to ask questions or to redeem your Gift Certificate ~ Please feel free to reach me at - 705 652 5005 OR  Email: stonehouseholistics@bell.net ..OR.. use the CHAT feature offered on our Stillroom Shoppe site.



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Shipping of each herbal parcel by redeemed GIFT CERTIFICATE  is by Expedited Parcel Delivery - $15. + tax = $16.95  - to be deducted from Value amount of GIFT CERTIFICATE or pre-paid by purchaser.