Handcrafted at The Stillroom Shoppe~ These Pebble Soap Savers/Soap Dishes are as cute as buttons.  💚💎  Handspun Herbal Soaps are Happiest perched up on rocks ~Out of Puddles.. 😉 Forest Bathing .. In Your Bathroom.  All Stillroom Herbal Soap Bars are small batched + Infused with Botanicals & Aromatherapy.  These Soap Saving Dishes keep your skinfood bars high & dry for longest lasting green beauty.   

Organic Rose Lavender Herb Soap 

Organic Elderflower Oak Moss Herb Soap

Organic Peppermint Chill Herb Soap

Organic Lavender Calendula Herb Soap 

Jewelweed Forest Herb Soap

Organic Citrus Rosemary Herb Soap 


Goat Milk, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Herbs & Botanicals, Aromatherapy, Oatmeal, Honey ++ 

                                  . . From Our Farm Forests & Fields. . . 







~Forest Pebble~ Soap Saver Dishes

  • Beautifully Handcrafted at The Stillroom.. Forest Accents & Tools for SkinCare - For Keeping Homespun Herbal Soap Bars Happy High & Dry  ~ 4" X 4"