~ It's Forest Fresh~ Canadian Conifers Evergreen Pine Spruce Forest Amber w kisses of Wild Mint.. and MORE Botanicals that Feed Skin and Mind .. For your facegarden if you have one - Or for Clarifying & Toning Skin. ~Just a couple of spritzes onto hands + massage into clean freshly shaved skin or beard..& Use to refresh + pick yourself UP during the day. It's for Us just as much for you~ Women ADORE Fesh Clean Woodsy Aromatics.


Fresh Clean Uplifting Soothing ~::~ Aromatic Brisk + Clean ~::~ Boreal Forest Aromatics 

& Outdoor Woodsy Clean Air~


This Gorgeous woodsy balm is for His skin or face garden~ It's for Him .. but..Also for Us 


A Herbalist Formulated  skin & beard LOVING Compound Oil that: 

  • Conditions Facial Hair & Skin - Improves skin's texture & tone 
  • Provides Silky Botanical Nutrition
  • Promotes Healthy Follicles + Hair Growth + Feeds skin plant nutiriton it craves. 
  • Mood Lifting Therapeutics of Pure 100% Wild Botanical Ingredients 
  • Organic Jojoba + Premium Skin + Hair Nourishing Plant Ingredients ONLY 
  • 30 ml amber glass handy spray


~Forest Fresh~ Beard/Skin Conditioning Oil  - Inspired by the Forests & Woods that we wildcraft plant medicine from 9 months of the year... Spending time in Nature Calms the Mind Soothes the Soul & Lifts the Spirit.   


Boost Your Biology 

To apply REAL skincare that is plant formulated carries to the user, the benefits of Wild Plant Nutrition & Olfactory Benefits that are readily absorbed by the skin and carried to the memory and emotional centers of the brain within moments of application - affectiing the Mind in a most Positive manner with LASTING  and cumulative effects.  New neural pathways are generated or geared more to Happiness & Contentment- These are a side benefitsof using Botanical Mind & Body Care Blends.  


Fresh Forest Aromatics. Pure skin Love for Him. A Stillroom Original blend. . Jojoba oil, Hemp seed oil, Castor oil + Grapeseed for his Face Garden. 🌲😎🌲 Conditioning Silky Nutrition that promotes healthy hair growth. Canadian Spruce.. Fir.. Blue Spruce.. Forest Amber..+ kisses of Mint 🌿 


It's A Stillroom Original Blend.. The aromatics and therapeutic effects of the ingredients - 100 % plant based - are Uplifting, Antidepressant + Anti-anxiety.


 30 ml Spray - Amber Glass - Keep from light ~ Keep From Eyes ~ Keep from Children 


The effects of the Forest or woods has a profound effect on calming the mind and reducing the reactive cortisol production as a response to stress.  The actual aroamtics, the moss, conifers, microbes - the thousands of tree phenols bursting into the air seem to be the driving force of WHY it feels good to walk or spend time in Nature.  Especially the woods. 


“Nature has healing and restorative properties that contribute to health and well-being” 


When we spend time in Nature - we take in beneficial substances when we breathe in forest air from three major inhaled factors — beneficial bacteria, plant-derived essential oils, and negatively-charged ions.

This “good” bacteria surrounds us, and through its interactions with our bodies — particularly our gut-dwelling bacteria — we get boosts of health and happiness. There’s an ever-growing body of evidence that our gut health has a major influence on both our physical and mental well-being. Research has shown that our gut cells influence our metabolism, immune function, and mental health — 


Forest Bathing aka (Shinrin-Yoku) Is Nature Therapy: 

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5580555/


Conifers contain plant essential oils called phytoncides, which literally means “plant-derived exterminators.” These oils fight off harmful microorganisms, and a recent study found that phytoncide from pine/spruce/fir trees improves health and wellbeing of mammals through inhalation alone. 























~Forest Fresh~ Beard/Skin Conditioning Oil