Energy Balance Aromatherapy Blend with precious Frankincense Resin Tears in every Roll-on.  A triple infusion of Frankincense Resin, Wild harvested conifers of Fir & Spruce -  - Our Farmed Lavender + ALL raw herb infused 3X - In a Stillroom Adult Strength Acute Aromatic Formula >>>  Grounds - Stabilizes and provides Clarity  & Steady Emotions ...  Energy Balance  is a Gorgeous compound therapy oil that just gets better & better the longer you have it.. continuously infusing. 


How to Use: Shake  Roll on back of neck, behind ears, inside forearms, a little tap under the nose.  Adult Strength Formula.  10 ml 

These Botanicals bring it   ✌️  Calm. Steadiness. Grounded in the Present with Energy & Mental Ease.  ~Distinguishes anxiety & re-aligns thoughtful peaceful purpose.. 

This is ~Energy Balance~ Herbalist Formulated for maximum outcomes. 


Frankincense Carterii resin, Canadian Spruce, Blue Chamomile, Rosewood, Balsam Fir, Fir Needle, Rose Geranium + a kisses of Farm Fresh Lavender that acts as a catalyst to carry it to the deepest parts of the Mind.  Quickly. Dependably. 



~Energy Balance Blend~  Via Aromatherapy inhalation and through topical application this melody of the forest brings: energy balancing confidence anxiety banishment with every application.

Yes.  Just Plants.  100% Botanical.  An Adult Blend, not intended for use on children. 


Studies re Aromatherapy & the Mind:


Data on Aromatherapy :…


Master Herbalist since 1995

Aromatherapy Educated since 1993 

Energy Balance ~ Aromatherapy ~ Roll-on Applicator

  • Energy Balance Blend ~Peace Out with Plants ☮️🌿☯️~  This is how Aromatherapy effects the Mind ... Botanicals provide therapeutic relaxing energizing uplifting tension easing changes in the brain. It's proven. It's Aromatherapy. .  These Aromatics are Adult strength.   Instantly Incredibly Mood Softening.  A balanced blend - pure raw plant material 3X infused +  aromatic oils that compliment each other like a forest medley. 

    Relief For the Mind. A Cerebral Grounding Tool for Adult Use.  

    A Roll-on for ease of use anywhere you are - so Nature can help with anxiety, confidence and clarity. 

    A 10 ml roll-on that, via Aromatherapy, supports energy, inner strength, courage, self esteem empowers + enhances confidence + banishes anxiety. Roll on the pure wholesome 6000 year old Herbal remedy that brings the plant power within seconds.

    Frankincense: A Happy Brain And Neurological System > Studies have shown that a compound of frankincense resin protects the nervous system and that many of the biochemicals in Frankincense resin - particularly sesquiterpenes, can increase blood oxygen levels in the brain and release negative emotions that have been stored there. 

    It's a triple threat plant tool ♡♡ Energy Balance Roll-on 》》 Herbalism and Authentic Aromatherapy > Raw Plant Infused < Our Farm Grown Lavender + Wildcrafted forest ingredients Fir & Spruce - all harvested right here.. Formulated alongside the Therapeutic Values of the cerebral stabilizing effects of Frankincense Resin ... Psychoactive Frankincense : New Class Of Antidepressants - Right Under Our Noses: Boswellia Resin constituents, when tested lowers anxiety and causes antidepressive-type behavior.