Organic Plant & Mineral Ingredients - A way to Love and Promote Voluminous and Happy Hair with Easy Fresh Care.  REVIVES & REFRESHES ALL Hair Types ~ A Herbalist Dry Shampoo Powder with scalp + hair follicle targeting and supporting Herbals Botanicals + Minerals.   Luminous + Fresh.  Adds Shine - Volume - Clean Freshness Plus  Awakening to sleeping/dormant growth hair patterns. Wakes Them Up.


A Herbalist Formula  providing Minerals, Calcium Magnesium, Silica + MORE  all via Floral & Herbal Ingredients ONLY.  A Hair Therapy for use in between washings - or a tool to break the 'shampoo every day pattern' or post workout ~ or simply to Freshen Hair Add Volume Shine & Managability.


Neutrally tinted to Flatter most Fair to Medium Dark Hair Colors~ Camo's in quickly without leaving white dusty dullness.  Feeds Scalp & Hair Follicles. 


Perfect for all hair types and texture, all-Herbal + Floral dry shampoo powder helps restore shine and body to your tresses in-between washes. Dry Botanical shampoos are perfect for a post-workout refresh, in an overnight bag, or on your next outdoor adventure.

Shake or sprinkle Herbal Dry Shampoo Powder onto your part line or along the crown of the head, or into the palm of your hand and distribute close to the root of the hair and work it lightly out into your hair toward the ends- working through the scalp and hair to pick up any excess oils or debris. Depending on the texture and thickness of your hair, either brush or shake well to remove the excess.  This is best done before you get dressed so you don’t end up with any powder residue on your clothes (you can also drape your shoulders with a towel to keep the powder off your clothes).Can also be applied before going to bed; this allows the powder to have more time to blend in and soak up any excess oil that is released during the night.


~The Stillroom Herbal Texturizing Dry Shampoo Powder~ Ingredients: 

4 ounces 120 ml 


Horsetail aka Shavegrass Wildcrafted Our Farm - A Mineral rich Nutrient dense - The highest plant bioavailable source of Silica on the planet.. Silica strengthens hair/skin & nails. Horsetail strengthens weak, brittle, damaged hair, giving it vitality and shine - Feeding it and the scalp - It improves elasticity of the hair and is a useful remedy for dandruff, eczema and scalp psoriasis.

This beauitful botanical promotes scalp and hair follicle circulation which nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, aiding in healthy speedy hair growth.


Organic Oatstraw ~ Calcium Rich Silica Rich in Magnesium - Soothing to the skin + scalp - Alkalizing + Nutrition Richness that feeds hair stimulates growth & provides sheen & gloss.. 


Organic Cacao - Cacao helps in increasing blood circulation in the scalp, increasing the growth of healthy and lustrous locks. It acts as a circulation booster, reducing hair loss. Cacao improves the overall health of the hair through the antioxidant, mineral + terpene compounds it offers.


Muhuhu Sandalwood (Brachyleana hutchinsi) – Also known as African sandalwood, muhuhu oil is an amorous aroma distilled from bark. This natural odor eliminator keeps hair fresh with sultry sandalwood aromatics by way of the warmth of the scalp..

Sandalwood - Naturally Deodorizing with long lasting deep woodsy sultry aromatics~ Anti-bacterial - Reduces scalp irritation - psoriasis & eczema  + skin inflammation - it contains antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that help destroy bacteria and unfriendly germs. Sandalwood provides soothing relief to itching, irritation - + redness caused by skin diseases such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. Reduces oil overproduction - Yet moisturizes a dry scalp - Stimulate hair growth and promote shiny luscious locks.  Sandalwood also helps cool down the scalp, remove dandruff and adds Fresh aromatics that last  to your hair.

Ceylon Cinnamon ~ A Circulatory Improving Herb.  Enhances Cognitive function.  Anti-fungal.  Aromatically one of the most comforting scents there is... Cinnamon is Cleansing Refreshening Deodorizing Vitamin packed spice that delivers plant medicine punches when added to the daily diet.  In skincare used gently it is a stimulating invigorating catalyst herb.  A Beauty in This Blend.  

Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) – Charismatic Cardamom is an arousing essence that is also an herbal luminary with over 4,000 years of use throughout the ancient world. The scent of Cardamom is warm, green, and spicy, while its aroma is refreshing and invigorating. This pod strengthen the spirit and sanctify your thoughts with the timeless charm of pure cardamom.

Our Farmed Orris Root - Adds shine and smoothness to the hair. It is an aromatic secret to shiny, healthy, glossy hair. ~An ancient root used in the perfumery history in France aged for 4 years prior to use in this blend.

Organic Roman & Egyptian Chammomile Flower - Nutritive for scalp - antifungal - provides gloss - Aromatics of Summer - Anti-anxiety Supportive & Cheerful - Rich in Vitamin C Pollen Essential Fatty Acids... This is Flower Power for the Mind & Skin & Hair.

Organic Arrowroot known for use in Herbal cosmetics and baby care by Herbalists for Hundreds of years... Silky nourishing & FINE. Mineral Rich.

Sodium Bicarbonate - Removes residue from the hair and scalp, protecting it against damage. It helps reduce oiliness and neutralizes odor. The alkaline nature balances the pH level of the scalp, keeping it clean and healthy - dandruff free + happy.

Lavender Flower - Our Farm Grown - Adds shine, stimulates hair follicles, nourishes and soothes scalp irritations, moisturizes hair. Lavender is also an ancient floral for healthy hair growth - soothing anxiety & lifting the blues.

Rosemary - Our Farm Grown - Adds shine and moisture to the hair. When applied to the scalp, Rosemary is proven to stimulate hair growth ~ promoting healthy renewed growth cycles. It can be used to help prevent baldness, slow graying and can help treat dandruff and dry scalp. This is one of the most important herbs for the Mind as well & an amazing addition for earthy rooted Rosemary's aromatics are proven to increase Focus Memory & Concentration via inhalation.

Palo Santo - “Holy Wood”- the healing scent provides protection, uplifts the spirit and can help balance out scalp and skin irritations. A Protective plant essential oils - woodsy - resinous - a cerebral stimulating yet spiritually lifting & consciousness raising... Ancient Earthy Rooted. Excellent for opening the doors of Creativity Intuition & Mindfulness.

Frankincense Resin - The King of the Herbs. Antifungal, Skin + Scalp Soothing - Promotes Shine Softness of Hair inbetween washings Plus providing fear reducing cognitive + consciousness lifting mood changes. Cleansing Purifying & Healing.

~Herbal Dry Shampoo Powder~ Palo Santo - Sandalwood

  • A Deeply Nourishing for the Mind Scalp & Hair Herbal Treatment ~ Use as often as desired for Fresh Happy Cared for Hair  ~Herbal Dry Shampoo Powder~  works without water..  There is a long history of using aromatic soothing freshening powdered herbs, botanicals, grains, and natural mineral cosmetic clays to remove, absorb + lift excess oil and dirt build-up from hair and scalp - these were at one time in regular use to maintain healthy hair growth and cleanliness.


    These Herbal ingredients deodorize + absorb excess oil and remove it when brushed or finger 'fluffed' out  without causing damage to the hair or scalp by excessive washing.


    Dry shampoos can also be a good option for those who want to shampoo once or twice a week or using Herbal Dry Shampoo Powder in between washings to keep hair fresh, soft, shiny and manageable.


    Palo Santo & Sandalwood  are two of the most Cerebrally Comforting Botanicals + have been Revered for thousands of years by numerous cultures globally for their benefits towards the Body & Mind .. Cleansing Both the Body & the Mind - Soothing Increasing Creativity & Mental Relaxed Focus ... Spiritually Uplifting~ Both are considered Holy Woods in the same League as Frankincense & Myrrh.  


    The Potent Immune Supporting Power of Limonene = Palo Santo 



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