Herbalist Formulated Clean Hands Santitizer - Quick Evaporating Antiviral & Antibacterial Support when hand washign is not an option - 70% Isopropyl Alcohol for proven virus killing strength INFUSED Herbals of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lemon & Lavender - Each a Tradtional and Proven Plant known for antiviral and antimicrobial behaviours. 

More than 400 applications QUICKLY EVAPORATING Delightfully FRESH + Antiseptic Yet GENTLE on skin for repeated use. It's so Handy.


It's Plant Based + Herb Infused. 70% isopropyl alcohol formula✅ #antiviral #antiinfluenza ✅


Shake 4 to 5 drops into palm and rub hands together thoroughly - when washing our hands isn't an option. Anti viral herbs suspended in a proven antiviral formula.


  • 50 ml - Over 400 applications
  • Suited for Ages 2+ to Adult
  • For external use only
  • Keep from Eyes 
  • Flammable - Keep from open flame - Do not store in vehicles - Keep from Excessive Heat. 


100% Botanical Ingredients - Zero synthetic hormone disrupting chemcials. JUST PLANTS. 


Antiviral Activity of Citrus Limon:



Rosemary Extract has demonstrated antiviral effects against herpes viruses and hepatitis A :



Eucalyptus globulus and Rosmarinus officinalis Extracts Antiviral effects







Clean Hands Sanitizer

  • NOTE:


    Do not keep ANY Hand Sanitizer in your car. Extreme heat reached inside a vehicle can create spontaneous flammability of sanitizers.

    Keep All Hand Sanitizer AWAY from open heat or flame and store out range of direct sunlight and heat. 

    Keep From Eyes. For External Use Only. Keep from Reach of Children. 


    100% Botanical Ingredients - Zero synthetic hormone disrupting chemcials. JUST PLANTS.