~Cholesterol Balance Tea~ 🍃
This Herbalist formula is a botanical medley of Vitamin C Lutein Bioflavonoids + Antioxidants..wild blueberries rosehip nettle oatstraw orange peel lavender bilberry +++ 🍃🌿🌸

Drinking 2 - 3 mugs per day brings profuse phytonutrition and cleansing liver support to bring balance to cholesterol levels. 

Iced or hot or lukewarm, it matters not~ Drinking Herbalist Formulated Wellness Teas supports feeding the body the nutrition it starves for from botanical ingredients.

From Our Farm Forests and Fields.  Wild harvested. 


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Cholesterol Balance Tea

  • A Herbalist Formulated melody of botanicals that with it's rich Vitamin C content, Bioflavanoids, plant terpenes, Anntioxidants & liver cleansing herbas this blend targets cholesterol balance.  

    A decadent plant infusion of Organic White tea, Oatstraw, Alfalfa, wildcrafted Nettles, wildcrafted Dandelion, Bilberry, Wild blueberries, Cornflowers, Lavender buds, Rose hips, Orange Peel ++ more Botanicals. 

  • 80 g