Therapuetic + WILDLY Effective + LONG LASTING  ~ This is a 100% Botanical Liquid Crystal Deodorant ~  Zero scent + formulated completely from Pine Extract - Botanicals + Liquid Silica 

It's PURELY Canadian Content  ~The healing power of British Columbia's Pine forest tree extracts formulated into a crystal clear amazingly effective spray Deodorant. ~This is the only 100% botanical tree extract formula on the market + Carina has been formulating this since the 1970's. Pioneers in Plants.  Each 250 ml Bottle lasts between 6 to 9 months 


What's In Your Deodorant?  

We absorb whatever we put on our skin.  The head face neck & underarms are the locations where the body absorbs the most quickly & easily.  

Plant Source Body Care Takes away chemical absorption risks - Pure plant ingredients FEED our skin.



The Formula is EXCELLENT in preventing issues that the usual natural deodorants fail miserably at... My #1 personal choice due to it's pure plant ingredients + astounding effectiveness.  This bottle lasts an average of 6 to 9 months for most - 4 spritzes under each arm + you're good to go. 


This formula is fragrance free  ~ ADD Pure Plant Essential Oils if you wish to Botanical Therapeutic Liquid Crystal Deodorant!  ~Customize to your Aromatherapy Needs..


  • Synthetic Free
  • Cortisone and Steroid Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • 100% Biodegradable (safe in rivers, lakes and oceans)
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Dye Free
  • Paraben Free

Description: Formulated with natural, unscented, and non-staining mineral salts that form a layer of natural protection for up to 24 hours from odor causing bacteria. Natural hand-collected botanicals combat bacteria and keep skin healthy and balanced throughout the day. 


Pioneers in Beautiful Effective Plant Body Care + the only name sitting beside StoneHouse Holistics' 

~🌺~Essential Wellness Botanicals~🌺~ in The Stillroom Shoppe.  Carina Organics is Infused with Integrity. 


Studies show we put approximately 168 chemcials on our skin + body every morning before we leave the house.  Studies also prove these chemcials are causing dis-ease related to hormone disruption & cancer causing activity.  Let's FEED our skin with plants instead.  


Why Switch To Carina 100% Botanical Therapeutic Deodorant? ... 


Studies Link Aluminum in Deodorants to Breast Cancer:



What’s In Your Deodorant Brand ?



More info on Breast Health: 

Botanical Liquid Crystal Deodorant Mist

  • 100% Botanical + It works with 100% plant ingredients only.  Traditional Effective White Pine as a wildly dependable antibacterial agent. No chemicals just Nature.  


    Ingredients:  Filtered Aqua, Potassium alum, Pinus banksiana (pine) extract. 
    Directions:  Shake Well + Pump 3 to 4 sprays under each arm and on any other desired body areas.  Recommended for preventing and eliminating foot odour.  If a rash or irritation develops, discontinue use.  If the sprayer becomes clogged, rinse with hot water.


    Studies Link Aluminum in Deodorants to Breast Cancer:



  • 250 mL