Decadent Silky + Flattering on Everyone~ Just like a little Sunshine IS ..The Stillroom ~Botanical Bronzer~ ..Loose plant flowing plant based powder for inducing a sunkissed glow where you want it ...Purely with Plants & Minerals.

A Purely Vegan Herbal  Loose powder format in a 12 g jar with a sifter - Use your favorite brush to deliver a healthy-looking, nude barely-there golden shimmer + softly radiant flush of color thanks to a host of gorgeous Organic BotanicalsHerbalist Formulated for maximum skin nutrition, natural sunkissed Gorgeous bronzing/contouring - a plant based makeup you can Live with. Sunkissed Bronzer with a teeny kiss of mineral shimmer to throw the light where you want it. 💫

Lasting Power ~ Skin Nutrition ~ & Zero Harm.  SkinCare We Can Live With.  


A Universally flattering shade on fair skin tones of 'Sunkissed' Glow with a little hug too of Mineral Lustre to throw the Light..  There are no synthetic, toxic fragrances, nor dyes or chemicals in this true nourishing skincare.

There is also no Aromatherapy essential oils in this Stillroom Bronzer~ Naturally occurring Aromatics of the Pure Botanicals and Herbs in their own pure softly fragrant power are the  Beautiful undernotes here.  A joy to wear. 


All Botanicals Known For Their Warm Sunny Dispositions & Skin Benefits


Cocoa bean, Seylon Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Marshmallow root, Beet root, Ginger, Paprika, Arrowroot~ All Antioxidant Rich - Skin Feeding Herbals -  All Dark pigmented in color due to the massive contents of Deep Earth Vitamins, Minerals Plant Compounds, Whole-In-Herb Essential Oils & Phtyo Terpenes.  Naturally ocurring volcanic ash Zinc in a non-nano, non-coated, non-micronized format that provides SPF protection through reflection of Light of between 10 to 25. Plus Nourishing & Detoxifying Kaolin Clay & Naturally occurring mineral Mica ~ 



To Apply:


Apply after foundation and before ~Botanical Blush~ Apply to dry skin~   With the sifter top opened and the cap secured in place, gently tap the jar upside down or to the side to disperse the powder to the top.  Carefully remove the cap and dab a dry makeup brush into the loose powder - tap off excess - A little goes a long way - Lightly  feather brush across cheekbones bridge of nose with lightly upward strokes, or anywhere  you wish a sunkissed soft glow - Guard clothing until you've easily mastered using loose Botanical Bronzer Powder.  Keep from Eyes. Patch test if you have sensitive skin on a small area of skin before using it freely on your body.  Shelf life 1 year from purchase. 


12 g sifter jar for easy use with your favorite bronzer brush + Formulated with Plant LOVE. 


















~Botanical Bronzer~ 'Sunkissed'

  • One of the benefits of choosing plant-based ingredients, both in medicine and natural skin care, is that our body automatically knows how to process them. There is zero liver load. 

    The botanical world is rich in natural antioxidants, vitamins, and emollients, which are the perfect building blocks for truly effective complexes that deliver powerful benefits.

    ALL well-known medicines were brought to us by plants: foxglove gives us the cardiac muscle stimulant digoxin, and periwinkle offers a source for the widely used chemotherapy drugs vincristine and vinblastine. In fact, there are at least 250,000 species of plants, out of which more than 1,000 have been found to possess significant anticancer properties. 

    There over 30,000 recognized utilized trusted plant medicines used globally NOW.  There are just over 6000 prescribed mediciations available worldwide. 


    No where is it more clear that chemicals synthetics endocrine disruptors and carcinogenic ingredients are UNWANTED than in 2021.    We do not want it on our skin to be absorbed nor do we wish in to be taken isnide our bodies.  


    Let it sink in - Herbal medidince is NOT the alternative it is STILL the leading choise by 75% of the world.  Only in North America have we been hoodwinked. It's time to turn over a new leaf. 



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